Exposing the Cabal, Illuminati, Deep State, Globalists, and Global Elites that Rule the World


from Humans Are Free:

Since my awakening in 2013, I started reading a lot of information about the Cabal, Illuminati. Some articles and posts on social media claimed that Jews control the world affairs and that the Cabal, or the ruling Elites, is equivalent to Jews.

I read about this topic both in English and in Hebrew, as Israeli Jewish journalists and activists investigate this topic, too. I was very intrigued about the information that I’ve read.

Often, I was shocked of the revelations. So I wanted to find out what is the truth.

First, before delving into this topic, I would like to mention that I’m of Ashkenazi Jewish origin.

This article will provide answers – not in this particular order – to questions such as: Who are ruling, or controlling, this world, what and who are the 13 bloodlines, who are the Black Nobility, do Jews control this world, are Ashkenazi Jews the descendants of the Khazarian Elite from the Khazar Empire who converted to Judaism – those called “Khazarian Mafia” in the alternative media that rules the world?

Are the Ethiopian Jews the only “real” or authentic Jews in the world? Is there a Jewish nation or is there no connection between the different Jewish ethnic communities worldwide? Is the Cabal ruling the entire world from Israel?

These are only few questions that this article attempts to answer.

Is the Head of the Cabal / Deep State Located in Israel?

Since my awakening in 2013, I’ve encountered many allegations and statements about the Cabal / Illuminati / Deep State / Globalists / Global Elites that rule the world (as a “shadow government”).

I even read that the State of Israel is the head of the Cabal / Deep State from where it controls all the world.

These sources often single out Israel as the most demonic state in the world, which makes it the perfect candidate for the Deep State’s head of snake.

Moreover, there are articles circulating on the social media stating that there are no chemtrails or 5G rollout in Israel, while 5G technology, according to these sources, was invented and developed by Israel.

I’ve already refuted few of these claims in two of my recent articles The Mass Awakening in Israel and 5G – the Ultimate Weapon of Depopulation.

Dr. John Coleman, a former intelligence officer, an analyst, and author of world affairs, argues that a very small group of people that he calls ‘The Committee of 300’ is actually “the ruling elite who are pursuing a goal of one-world government”.

According to Coleman, in this video you’ll find out that Israel does not control the world or the U.S., as some argue. It’s the Royal Institute for International Affairs or the RIIA that controls the U.S. according to Coleman at 29-minute mark.

In this video entitled “The Committee of 300 (1994) Full”, he states at 15 minute mark that The Committee of 300 are the people who run the world today.

The goal of this committee is a one-world-government or the more recent term is New World Order which is a brutal dictatorship of all humanity (23-minute mark). You can check the list of every member of The Committee of 300 on Conspiracy Circle.

I would also add that their goal is not only ruthless tyranny, but also the depopulation of most of humanity and actually, all living beings on earth according to the UN’s Agenda 21.

You can read more about Agenda 21 here.

From the sources that I’ve been gathering for several years, it seems that the situation in Israel is mixed.

There are allegedly “White Hats” and “Black Hats” here as it probably is the case in other countries, too. The United States comes to mind when I’m thinking about it.

That being said, the Cabal / Deep State, however, is very powerful in Israel. This includes the judicial system, the law enforcement, the mainstream media (MSM), the intelligence agencies, many members of the government and the Knesset (the Israeli parliament), and much more.

You can notice this by their actions; not their words. I’m talking about the top brass. Most Israelis, which is a real multi-cultural society, including Jews, Arabs, or Druze, have no idea what is going on; just as in other countries that the ordinary people have no idea about the reality surrounding them.

Read more about the Deep State in Israel in this article entitled Mass Awakening in Israel.

No Chemtrails Sprayed in Israel

Unfortunately, and contrary to wide-spread rumors, Israel is heavily sprayed with chemtrails, which was the reason for my awakening to the Cabal’s dark agenda in 2013.

In that year, I discovered there is a hidden horrendous agenda against humanity and earth in general. At first, I totally ignored such posts in my newsfeed on Facebook.

However, after a few months, as an investigative journalist and an activist for many years, I suddenly realized that what I thought to be far-fetched is true.

I found so much evidence to this that it was overwhelming, shocking. And I started taking many pictures to document this crime and shared them on social media to awaken more Israelis to what is going on. There was almost no information about this in Hebrew at that time.

These are few of the photos that I took that year (August-Septmber 2013) documenting chemtrails being heavily sprayed in Israel and recent photos taken (August 2019) by a fellow activist, Lilia Feigin

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