CNN Gets Blown Out In Ratings


by Alicia Luke, Freedom OutPost:

Ten Democratic presidential candidates presented their plans for tackling climate change in a seven-hour CNN town hall on global warming. CNN got annihilated in ratings because it was a huge snooze fest.

Have you ever noticed how the left presumes that all of the problems they seek to resolve are because people are so bad and all of the solutions require government control of them?

Daily Wire:

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Far-left cable news network CNN suffered a blowout in ratings during their propaganda climate change town hall event this week, coming in dead last among all the cable news networks and during prime time hours barely getting one-third of the total amount of viewers that Fox News garnered.  

“CNN averaged 1.1 million viewers from 5 p.m. to midnight, the hours devoted to back-to-back town halls by 10 Democratic contenders,” The Hill reported. “MSNBC finished second with 1.7 million total viewers during the time period, with Fox News winning the time period with an average of 2.5 million. Both channels provided regular programming on Wednesday night.”

“During the 8 p.m.-11 p.m. hours of prime time, Fox News averaged 3.2 million total viewers, placing first,” The Hill continued. “MSNBC was second with a 2.2 million average and CNN third with 1.4 million. ”

The Hill noted that CNN’s poor performance against its competitors was actually great by its own standards as the propaganda event “was well above its average in primetime in 2019.”

The town hall was mostly mocked by those who watched with the exception of hardcore Democrats and climate alarmists.

President Donald Trump trolled the network during their event with a series of tweets. More

Total, absolute, unflinching control over our lives is the goal of those totalitarian Democrats. They are the enemy of our free society. It seems that these they wake up each morning and say, “hmmm… let’s see how much more distance we can put between ourselves and the average American today. Maybe they will keep it up until they alienate most Americans by the 2020 elections.

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