Bookie taken more bets Hillary ‘to be the Dem candidate than any of the other runners’


by Victor Skinner, The American Mirror:

There’s a lot of folks betting on Hillary Clinton as the 2020 Democrat presidential nominee, forcing a UK bookmaker to increase the odds of a rematch with President Trump to 20-1.

Clinton has risen to the seventh favorite for the 2020 nomination at Ladbrokes, a British bet maker, with new odds of 20-1 after a flood of bets predicting the former first lady will enter the presidential race.

“We’re baffled, to be honest,” Matthew Shaddick, head of Ladbrokes’ political division, told Newsweek. “We’ve taken more bets on her to be the Democratic candidate than any of the other runners.”

Clinton’s 20-1 odds on Ladbrokes is ahead of several declared candidates, including Sens. Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, Fox News reports.

The betting site lists Sen. Elizabeth Warren as the front-runner with the best odds at 6-4, followed by former vice president Joe Biden at 5-2, and Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders at 5-1. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang, Sen. Kamala Harris and openly gay South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg are also ahead of Clinton at 16-1 odds of securing the nomination.

Shaddick told Newsweek that if Clinton somehow ended up in a rematch with Trump in 2020, it would definitely be bad for business.

“She would be by far the worst result for us – i.e., the one we would lose the most money on,” he said. “Hence, her odds have come in from 50-1 to 20-1.”

The twice-failed presidential candidate didn’t exactly retire with grace and humility following her embarrassing defeat to President Trump in 2016, spending much of the time since promoting her book What Happened, hosting a nationwide speaking tour, and embracing seemingly every opportunity to keep her name in the limelight.

The former first lady weaves the narrative that her loss is the result of a confluence of powerful forces that conspired against her campaign, including Trump, deplorable racists who support him, former FBI Director James Comey, misogyny, Russia, women voters, and others.

Clinton has also continuously pined for the presidency in recent years, from fantasies last year about an alternate planet called Earth 2 where she’s POTUS to her trip to Italy earlier this month to visit an art exhibit replica of the “Resolute” desk in the Oval Office.

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