Bernie Open To A “Meat Tax” To Fight Climate Change


by Alicia Luke, Freedom OutPost:

During a town hall in Myrtle Beach, SC, Sen. Bernie Sanders implied that he would consider using a meat tax to reduce animal agriculture in the U.S. to help fight climate change.

Sanders: “Thank you for the question and it’s a good question all I can say is if we believe as I do and you do that climate change is real we’re gonna have to tackle it in every single area including agriculture, okay?

“And in fact, one of the things we want to do with our farmers out there is help them become more aggressive.” He continued, “And able to help us combat climate change rather than contribute to it. So we will certainly… you’re right we got to look at agriculture. We’ve got to look at every cause of the crisis that we face.”


They should go for it for in all 2020 Democrat campaigns:

No one tells me what to eat:

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