Why hasn’t the History Channel been shut down?


by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

As I pointed out in a recent article, mainstream media outlets are delivering conspiracy theories—at least by implication. Therefore, in light of the recent FBI “finding” that such theories can fuel violent terrorism, these outlets should be investigated, censored, blacked out, and de-platformed.

The History Channel would be a prime candidate.

In its series, Ancient Aliens, we are treated to the theory that John Kennedy was murdered to keep him from…here is the quote from the History Channel:

“Theorists propose the possibility that John F. Kennedy was assassinated in order to keep the truth about [extraterrestrial] aliens on Earth from getting out in this clip from Season 12, Episode 9, The Majestic Twelve.”

In the episode, this opinion is made clear: government players might well have carried out JFK’s murder.

Is the FBI now investigating the History Channel? Is the Bureau walking into History Channel’s office and confiscating show notes, memos, computers, and footage? At the very least, the Ancient Aliens series should be taken off the air, right?

Where are the politicians and CNN talk show heads in this conspiracy scandal? Millions of History Channel viewers are being subjected to the idea that the CIA killed Kennedy. How many unbalanced individuals, exposed to this inflammatory notion, have taken up anti-government positions, and how many have resorted to the use of weapons?

Of course, you and I and every other decent citizen want to fall in line with the FBI’s conclusion that conspiracy theories fan the flames of terrorism. Certainly. Absolutely. Definitely.

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