Was Jeffrey Epstein Murdered Over Nuclear Thefts?


by Gordon Duff, New Eastern Outlook:

One day after Jeffrey Epstein was tied to scandal ridden Clinton Energy Secretary, Bill Richardson, in a sex and Mossad blackmail scandal, Epstein is dead. Our sources say Richardson was under investigation for a far wider range of security issues, including a role in facilitating the theft of weapons grade fissionable material from the PANTEX weapons disassembly facility in Amarillo, Texas.

Of those who knew about this case, some were silenced for decades by a Grand Jury in Houston, TX, CIA agent Roland Carnaby was killed by a police officer in what we are told was a Mossad “hit,” John Wheeler III, representing the White House was found in a garbage dump, FBI Agent John O’Neill was killed on 9/11 and others, like FBI Agent Mike Dick, survived an assassination attempt and smear campaign. We have much more on that investigation.

From a classified debriefing document on this issue:

“… It also explains why (fake investigative journalist/name withheld) was so interested in the fine details of Mike Dick and John O’Neal’s work, especially on the USS Cole bombing and the murder of the Wall Street journalist Pearl in Pakistan that Mike worked with and why Mike was suspected of passing info to the Israelis by the FBI in their witch hunt. (Which eventually netted Robert Hanssen, the biggest spy scandal in Americana history)

Hanssen was one of at least 4 double agents in NYC that we flush out of the wood work. He was the only one prosecuted. The other three were let go, retired or transferred to other duties.

They also had another high-level mole in FBI counter intelligence ratting out Mike, John and (name withheld) to Mossad.”

Now we add Epstein’s name to a list that includes “Lord of War” Victor Bout. Bout has contacted VT to tell his side of the story but is being blocked.

Jeffrey Epstein is dead, 24 hours after a story broke tying him to bizarre sex parties with what the media calls “former New Mexico governor (and Clinton friend), Bill Richardson. The “suicide” was then a certainty as the Epstein case finally broke through the “smear” stage, Trump, Dershowitz accused of child rape, and a list just released with a hundred other names including national leaders.

Richardson was different.

At around 9AM, accused sex trafficker, alleged Mossad blackmailer, Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell at the Manhattan Corrections Center. Stories say “suicide”, but this is unlikely, perhaps even impossible.

Only two weeks prior, Epstein was found unconscious, a victim of an attempted strangling. There was no investigation, no report, he was hospitalized and returned to the same cell where he has been under 24-hour observation.

If Epstein killed himself, he did it while being watched by two guards. The Manhattan Corrections Center and other facilities in New York are tightly controlled by a shared responsibility, not any official government organization, not in New York, but rather by Israel’s security services and, to an equal extent, the organized crime group called the Kosher Nostra.

As America’s cities go, New York is far more Israeli than American, something both good and bad, as we are going to outline.

The key to Epstein’s death is the media outlet called the Daily Beast. They have been tasked with pushing the Epstein story, assuming all major media operations are controlled, and spinning facts to avoid certain embarrassing directions.

The “Beast,” as it is called, was begun as part of the Newsweek organization owned by then Democratic Congresswoman Jane Harman, one of the most powerful figures in the AIPAC/ADL lobby that assures the US will back all Israeli political moves in the Middle East.

From journalist Allison Weir:

“The Wilson Center head is Jane Harman, a former Congresswoman and Israel partisan from California who was the ranking Democrat on the Homeland Security’s intelligence subcommittee. She was reportedly caught on a 2005 NSA wiretap working with an Israeli agent. The chairman of the board was Joseph Gildenhorn who, like Gerber, had been an AIPAC board member.”

The agent spoken of is Jonathan Pollard who spent 28 years in an American prison for, as the media says, giving Israel information on Palestinian terror camps. Sources at the CIA tell a very different story, that Pollard accessed the full list of CIA NOC (non-official cover) agents and sold it to the highest bidder.

According to CIA sources, over 1000 American agents, many “deep cover” CIA operatives were captured, tortured and murdered due to the efforts of Pollard, efforts Harman is alleged to have taken some part in though that story is highly classified. Harman is protected by the same people who protected, then as we allege, killed Jeffrey Epstein. This is from the New York Times, 2009:

“ One of the leading House Democrats on intelligence matters was overheard on telephone calls intercepted by the National Security Agency agreeing to seek lenient treatment from the Bush administration for two pro-Israel lobbyists who were under investigation for espionage, current and former government officials say.

The lawmaker, Representative Jane Harman of California, became the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee after the 2002 election and had ambitions to be its chairwoman when the party gained control of the House in 2006. One official who has seen transcripts of several wiretapped calls said she appeared to agree to intercede in exchange for help in persuading party leaders to give her the powerful post.

One of the very few members of Congress with broad access to the most sensitive intelligence information, including aspects of the Bush administration’s wiretapping that were disclosed in December 2005, Ms. Harman was inadvertently swept up by N.S.A. eavesdroppers who were listening in on conversations during an investigation, three current or former senior officials said. It is not clear exactly when the wiretaps occurred; they were first reported by Congressional Quarterly on its Web site.

The official with access to the transcripts said someone seeking help for the employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a prominent pro-Israel lobbying group, was recorded asking Ms. Harman, a longtime supporter of its efforts, to intervene with the Justice Department. She responded, the official recounted, by saying she would have more influence with a White House official she did not identify.”

In what was called the AIPAC Spy Scandal, key members of that powerful organization were accused of passing nuclear secrets to Israel. I spoke with several people in involved in that investigation. I was told it was part of a long, ongoing FBI-CIA joint task force tied to deep penetration of the US Department of Energy by Israeli security agencies that had somehow gained control of the director who had altered inventory records of uranium and plutonium “pits” that had been removed from nuclear weapons disassembled due to arms limitation agreements.

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