Warren Draws Impressive Crowd, Then She Saw Trump’s Crowd and Cried! Bye Pocahontas!


by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

Elizabeth Warren may have been feeling good when she drew several thousand in Minnesota, but look what Trump did in HER BACK YARD.

Things are setting up for a Trump landslide in 2020.

Here’s Gary:

Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire in 2016, by a slim margin.

Trump seems to be solidifying in even the BLUE states as we look toward 2020.

Here’s more on crying Fauxcahontas from The Gateway Pundit:

Pocahontas Warren drew an impressive crowd at MacAlester College in St. Paul, Minnesota on Monday night.

The far left politician and fake Indian promised free tuition for college students as part of her plan to bankrupt America.

Warren also wants Medicare for all and Free Health Insurance for all illegal immigrants inside the US.

Warren’s plans will cost at least $5 trillion, just for starters.

Warren’s campaign and the liberal media said there were 12,000 in attendance but it looked more like 5,000 to be realistic.

Warren hopes to buy her way into the White House in 2020 with your taxes.

What a disaster.


Oh and by the way…

Don’t let that “impressive” Warren crowd fool you, because Trump is looking to take EVEN Minnesota in 2020.

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