Want To See TRUE Injustice? You’re About To


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Anyone want the over on “civil forfeiture” on Epstein’s estate?

$500 million is quite a lot.  Treasury could use it.

I’ll lay odds they intend to steal it.

Why’s that a problem?

Because his victims have every right to sue the estate and get that money.  All of it.

If the government takes it, they get nothing.

Barr can stop that, of course.  But I bet he won’t.  In fact, I bet he’ll do it.

Were I one of his victims and the government indeed civilly forfeited his estate, thereby foreclosing my from obtaining civil recovery — remember, he is not a federal felon at this point; if you die before being tried under the law you’re “not guilty”, no matter the evidence — I would give serious consideration to truly medieval remedies.

This, by the way, is one of the (many) reasons this practice is both outrageous and unconstitutional.  Not that our government has given a flying **** about that for a very long time.

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