VIDEO: Biden grabs girl by arm after she asks about genders — ‘Don’t play games with me, kid!’


by Kyle Olson, The American Mirror:

Joe Biden forcibly put his hand on a young woman after he apparently didn’t like the question she asked him at the Iowa State Fair.

“Mr. Vice President, I’m a student here,” Katie said in the video posted by Turning Point USA, “and I’m wondering how many genders there are?”

“Pardon me?” Biden said.

“How many genders are there?” she repeated.

“There are at least three,” Biden responded.

“What are they,” the girl asked.

“Don’t play games with me, kid,” Biden snapped. As he continued through the State Fair crowd, he reached out, grabbed the girl by the arm, and made a reference to same-sex marriage.

“By the way, first one to come out for marriage was me.”

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