There is No Question That Google Does Not Want Trump as President – Cybersecurity Expert


from Sputnik News:

A former Google engineer who claims he was blacklisted by the tech giant for his conservative views, said the company would do everything possible to influence the next US presidential elections and prevent President Donald Trump’s re-election.

Kevin Cernekee told Fox News that Google “wants to use all the power and resources it has to control the flow of information to the public and make sure that Trump loses in 2020”. Adding that there’s a lot of “very biased people running every level of the company.”

The ex-Google employee stressed that the company “openly stated that they think 2016 was a mistake. They thought Trump should have lost in 2016.”

Rich Tehrani, a futurist and corporate advisor on cybersecurity, said that Cernekee’s statements are not unfounded:

“Google held a town hall with hundreds of top execs after the election – the recording leaked to Breitbart. Based on video evidence, there is no question that Google did not and does not want Trump as president.”

According to Cernekee, the Silicon Valley tech giant will use censorship as a method to ensure Trump loses the election, including censoring political advertisements and filtering search results to promote its political agenda. Tehrani agrees that Google has the technical ability to alter around 10 million votes:

“Google owns the algorithms – they can do whatever they like, to change thoughts and perceptions to sway voters. […] Ten or more million votes could be changed by the company via altering search algorithms and it can all be done in the name of social or other types of justice,” the cybersecurity expert said.

Cernekee has also claimed that he was fired from the company in 2018 for his conservative views, although his termination letter said that he was sacked over the misuse of Google equipment.

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