The 2019 VMAs: It’s Not About Music, It’s About Pushing Narratives


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Nearly everything that happened on the 2019 VMAs was linked to some kind of agenda being pushed by mass media. Here’s what really happened at this year’s VMAs.

Watching awards shows is an act of self-sacrifice that I suffer through a few times a year for the benefit of this site’s loyal readers. Although I strongly dislike sitting through these seemingly endless hours of televised garbage, I believe it is crucial to report on the messages that are being promoted throughout. Because, while most media sources focus their “coverage” on random items such as Cardi B’s boob dress, there is much more going on during these shows. And the young people who watch these shows absorb what is happening the same way a brand new sponge absorbs the dirty stinking water of a nasty kitchen sink. And, yes, in this beautiful metaphor, the dirty, stinking water represents the elite’s relentless social agenda.

Since 2009, my coverage of award shows mostly focused on the occult symbolism that was found during musical performances. However, in the past years, the propaganda of the occult elite shifted, morphed and evolved. Nowadays, it is less about exposing viewers to dark occult symbolism and more about directly dictating what the viewers should be thinking and what attitudes they should be adopting.

The 2019 VMAs was definitely not an exception. Everything was orchestrated to focus on specific social topics – all of which are in line with the elite’s agenda. The main one is “diversity”. As you can see, I placed the word between quotes because what is being promoted is the exact opposite of diversity. Instead of celebrating everyone, mass media now about carefully selects who has the right to be celebrated while shunning everyone else. It is about reducing people to a single label and treating them according to that label.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

This tweet bothered me for several reasons. It reduces these two artists to the labels “big black woman” and “black gay guy”. Second, it doesn’t even make sense. There are many examples of successful “big black women”. This very VMA show spent about 20 minutes celebrating Missy Elliot. And did we already forget about her:

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Aretha Franklin

What truly bothers me is that Aretha Franklin was never reduced to the label “big black woman”. She was Aretha Franklin. While they make you think that we are “progressing”, we are actually regressing into the Stone Age. Instead of seeing people as complete human beings, “woke” society only sees people as being black, latino, gay or whatever else.

This insufferable trend of extreme virtue signaling has been happening for years and lots of people are sick of it. The result: The show got the lowest ratings in VMA history. A total of 1.93 million viewers watched the show – a 14% drop from last year (which was already the lowest ever).

The first performance of the VMAs perfectly illustrated the new agenda.

Taylor Swift Needs to Calm Down

If you’ve been reading VC articles, you already know that Taylor Swift is the ultimate industry pawn. Exactly 10 years ago, the 2009 VMAs heavily focused on Taylor Swift and ritualistically initiated her in the industry. Since then, she did everything necessary to remain in the good graces of the industry. A year ago, Swift did what she had to do: She renounced her political neutrality to fully embrace the elite’s “woke” agenda. I put the word woke between quotes because it is the exact opposite of being awake.

This year, her entire act is all about being pro-LGBTQ+ (even though she is not gay). And the way she is doing it is so over the top that it reeks of insincerity. More precisely, it reeks of an artist being used to push an agenda.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

The VMAs began with this image. Here we go.

Taylor Swift performed You Need to Calm Down, a song that was solely created to pander to the agenda. It is so ridiculously over the top that it even annoyed gay people who did not particularly appreciate being used for a marketing ploy and being depicted in such a cartoonish, stereotypical manner. However, Swift is on a virtue-signaling rampage and nothing will stop her from out-virtue-signaling everyone else in the industry.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

As expected, the performance (and the entire VMAs) was packed with trans people and drag queens of all shapes and sizes.

In my article about the 2019 Eurovision Finale, I highlighted the massive overrepresentation of drag queens throughout the show. None of this is random, it is part of the “gender blurring” agenda that was identified on this site several years ago. It only keeps intensifying.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

As if the exemplify the ultimate goal of this agenda, a weird and confused-looking John Travolta mistakenly gave a trophy to the drag queen Jade Jolie instead of Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s performance of You Need to Calm Down ended with a specific political message.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

The performance ended with big letters saying “Equality Act”.

The 2019 VMAs: It's Not About Music, It's About Pushing Narratives

Later, during her acceptance speech for “Video of the Year”, Taylor Swift called out the White House about the Equality Act.

What is exactly this thing that is being promoted on MTV by a famous pop star? Well, despite what Taylor Swift said, the Equality Act is not about “treating people equally”. It is an aggressive piece of legislation that calls for an in-depth transformation of the justice system and a radical redefinition of core concepts in society. Here’s an explanation of its profound implications.

First off, the Equality Act does a lot more than just make people equal. It adds sexual orientation and gender identity to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, enshrining full protections under the law and trampling over the right to religious freedom enshrined in the First Amendment. In cases of competing rights claims, the Equality Act mandates that sexual and gender minorities win by default, when current standards under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act allow for a weighing of both sides. This doesn’t make gay and transgender people equal — it elevates their rights over those of religious minorities.

Plus, the Equality Act goes beyond sheer support for equality to radically redefine core concepts in our society. For one thing, the Equality Act’s definition of “public accommodation” is so open-ended and expansive that it would basically apply to almost anyone offering a service, even single-person businesses run from home. This sets up crazy nightmare scenarios, like one where a woman operating a waxing service from home could be forced by the law to wax a transgender woman’s (biologically male) p—s and testicles.

But elites like Taylor Swift think you’re a bigot for opposing such a bill.

And the Equality Act’s radical re-definitions don’t stop there. It also re-defines sex — not gender — under the law as subject to self-identification. Many Americans, likely including Swift fans of varying political backgrounds, are simply not comfortable with eradicating biological sex under the law, and that doesn’t make them evil opponents of equality.
– Brad Polumbo, Taylor Swift’s VMA virtue-signaling wildly distorts the Equality Act

If Taylor Swift truly cared about people, equality or whatever, she probably wouldn’t have hung around notorious industry monsters.

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