So You Wanna Be Woke Eh?


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Looks like someone learned insulting people’s common sense won’t get you very far.

(Reuters) – Procter & Gamble Co’s (PG.N) quarterly revenue and adjusted profit beat Wall Street expectations on Tuesday, sending shares to a record-high even as the world’s No.1 personal goods company took an $8 billion charge on its Gillette shaving business.

Fox says they blamed it on…. millennials.

Procter & Gamble recently revealed they’ve taken an $8 billion hit on Gillette, citing millennial men’s penchant for beards, a trend apparently “hair” to stay for the time being.

Gillette, if you remember, was the company that ran a “toxic masculinity” ad, making the claim that men are pigs, basically.

That drew some controversy, but didn’t hurt them much — if at all.

But the second ad, which nobody wants to talk about, is another matter.  That ad featured a trans “man” having his “first shave.”

In other words, a girl apparently quite a long while prior to being an adult, was dosed up with hormones and thus grew facial hair.  So now “he” is a woman who, through continuing to take drugs, can pretend to be male.

Of course said actor is an activist too.  Gillette couldn’t just use an ordinary individual — no, they had to focus on someone who isn’t content to live their own life in their own way, they have to try to make you a part of it and drive public opinion.

Well, my personal views on this are well-known and I’m not going to repudiate them.  I find the entire trans thing to be nothing more than lying to yourself.  I have no quarrel with the fact that some people are unhappy with their draw in the genetic lottery; they wish they were girls if they are boys and vice-versa.

But you can’t become what you’re not.

You can alter your appearance, but not your genes.  No amount of surgery or hormones will change that.  You will always know what you really are, no matter how much you deny it.  And that, if you refuse to face facts and instead deny them, is destructive.

Being an adult is, to a large degree, all about coming to grips with things as they are.  All children fantasize.  Nearly all fantasize about some sort of physical impossibility.  The girl who wishes — and believes — she’s a horse.  The boy who believes he’s Spider-man.  The kid who sketched Speed Racer’s car, in detail, wishing and believing it existed and was his.

One of the key parts of progression into adulthood is accepting facts.  You may enjoy fantasy movies, but you know they’re a fantasy.  You know you’re not Spider-man.  That Speed Racer’s car doesn’t exist; there is no car that can jump caverns.  I enjoy Star Wars, but there is no Millennium Falcon and no such thing as a hyperdrive.  And as a grown woman while you may like horses, and ride them, you’re not one.

Gillette embraced and extolled fantasy.  But fantasy is not what being a real man is about.  In fact it’s the opposite; it is exactly the embracing of fantasy nonsense that leads to so-called “toxic masculinity.”  The premise that you’re better; that you have a right to grab some woman’s ass — or******her.  The denial of facts — that we’re all created equal but not the same.

Now Gillette is facing reality by force; their shaver business has collapsed.  Embracing fantasy is not “the best a man can be.”  In fact it’s the opposite.  It’s the coddling and support of those who refuse to grow up.  Who refuse to face reality.  Who refuse to accept that which they cannot change.

Gillette, in short, has turned from a company that was part of the landscape of adult men, who went from boys who thought they were Spider-man but became men who knew they had to go to work and build skyscrapers, cars and airplanes, or even dig sewers and lay water lines, to embracing those who are Peter Pan and never grew up.

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