PBS Liberal Upset With ‘God Bless The USA’ At Trump Rallies


by Alicia Luke, Freedom OutPost:

PBS NewsHour correspondent Yamiche Alcindor took issue with Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA being played at Trump rallies.

That’s when you talk to his supporters. They say, oh, well, at least the people respect us again” When you listen to his statements or when you listen to the music at his rallies, it’s like, well, at least I’m an American, at least I’m free. There’s this theme running through that I’m the chosen one, I’m the person who can fix all of your problems when if reality we’ve seen I have been talking to foreign policy experts ahead of the G-7, people are — Europeans are on edge nobody knows how to deal with President Trump, nobody understands how his foreign policy is done.


Things took a bizarre turn roughly ten minutes into Wednesday’s Hardball and, surprisingly, it wasn’t MSNBC host Chris Matthews. After discussing President Donald Trump’s feud with Denmark, the topic turned to Trump’s proposal to invite Russia back into the G-7 (making it the G-8) again when far-left PBS NewsHour correspondent Yamiche Alcindor appeared to take issue with Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA being played at Trump rallies.

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No, that’s not a typo. She really went there. And there was more in the B-block with Alcindor kvetching about the President not listening to gun control supporters.

But first, Greenwood’s timeless classic. Matthews reacted to a clip of Trump talking about Russia and the G-7 as evidence that “sometimes he acts like they do have something on him, Yamiche, like they got picture, movies, they got something.”

Alcindor replied by connecting the Denmark and Russia stories because “all this stuff that he was talking about with Denmark, he was saying, ‘well, the reason why I’m doing this is because Obama let people disrespect America and I need to somehow get America’s respect back up around the world.’” 

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