Multinational Business Roundtable Now Claims “Social Responsibility” More Important than Profit….


from The Conservative Treehouse:

CTH suspected this was going to happen. This was predictable if you have followed the fracture between Main Street (Trump) and Wall Street (multinationals).  Remember, there are trillions at stake.  This news today is part of the battle.

Here’s the cut through the BS motive behind the multinational association of Business Roundtable CEO’s (these are all pure Wall St.) suddenly saying “social responsibility should be put above profit“…

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Top CEOs say companies should put social responsibility above profit.  Corporate America is responsible for providing economic benefits to all, not just its investors, the Business Roundtable group said on Monday.

The group’s “statement of corporate purpose” was signed by the heads of more than 180 U.S. companies, including the CEOs of Inc (AMZN.O), American Airlines (AAL.O), the largest airline in the world; and JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N), the biggest American bank.

Although largely symbolic, the group’s statement goes against a roughly 30-year-old viewpoint that corporations exist to serve shareholders. (read more)

This is self-serving and highly manipulative decepticon double-speak.   They haven’t changed their view on ‘stewardship’, not one bit.  They are stewards for self, and by extension they were ultimately stewards for their shareholders.   However, their allegiance was/is always to the bottom line; the “international” bottom line.

The multinational corporations that make up the Business Roundtable are the same multinationals who exported jobs, destroyed manufacturing industry in the U.S., and created the rust belt.  These are the Wall Street multinationals who benefited the most from purchased political policy over the past 30 years.

What they are doing now, ties directly into what Nancy Pelosi is doing.

The Democrats and big multinational business interests are now in alignment.  Their common adversary is President Trump.   Pelosi, Schumer et al, have spent years blaming corporate greed for all the ills within society; while simultaneously taking billions from their trough.  It was always a con; it is part of the UniParty aspect of DC.

Now Pelosi and Schumer need to use their commonality with the Big Club to attack their common adversary: President Donald Trump and his Main Street America-First agenda.

The forecast long-term interests of the Multinational Roundtable means they need to align with the social proclamations of Pelosi’s Democrats.

They will do this fake metamorphosis by shifting from “shareholder” stewardship (those who own stocks), to “stakeholder” stewardship (those who purchase their products and demand a seat at the table to influence corporate ideology).

That’s the motive for the change in position.

According to their strategy, as soon as President Trump is removed everyone goes back to their former activity.  Business as usual for UniParty, and business as usual for the Big Club.

If these U.S. corporations were concerned about “social responsibility” they would pack-up their overseas operations, invest in the United States economy, and join with President Trump in trying to maximize the benefits to Main Street.  But that ain’t their plan….

Their plan is to retain their overseas investments and fight against U.S. policy that undermines their multinational business models.  Ergo they need to re-brand, put on the mask of social justice, and find alignment with Democrats toward the united objective.

That’s what they are doing, and it is brutally transparent if you understand the fight.

Cue an Example:

Peter Schiff is the CEO of  “Euro-Pacific Capital” an investment group that puts their investment portfolio where?…  Europe and China.   The entire purpose of their existence is to funnel and manage investment funds in Europe and Asia.

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