MS-13 Murdered A High School Student & The School Kept It Quiet For Nearly Two Years


by Alicia Luke, Freedom OutPost:

A California school kept a gruesome MS-13 slaughter within its ranks a secret from the public for almost two years.

16-year-old Panorama High School student Brayan Andino was befriended by two female peers who were MS-13 associates. Then the girls lured him to the lake. Where members of the gang were waiting. They beat Brayan to death. Afterward, they dismembered him and cut out his heart. Then His body was tossed into a canyon.


Brayan Andino, 16, was murdered by MS-13 gang members after he was lured to Lake Balboa in Los Angeles, California, back in October 2017. Two female gang associates, who were also students, had gained Andino’s trust, which is why he went with them to the lake. The two were part of the Fulton clique, a faction within MS-13. When Andino arrived at the lake, other members of the gang beat him to death. They then dismembered his body, cut his heart out, and threw him into a canyon, where he was later found.

School administrators said nothing after Andino disappeared in October 2017. They said nothing when his body was found two months later. They said nothing about his funeral and didn’t even offer condolences.

The Los Angeles Times reported at the end of July that Panorama High School — where Andino was a student — declined to let parents, students, and teachers know about the dangers of the gang. The school reportedly claimed that MS-13 had little presence on the campus and had never committed violence on the campus, and therefore other students weren’t in danger.

The Times, however, reported another MS-13-related incident occurred “at the edge” of the campus just one month before Andino’s murder.

“At least two MS-13 members, including two former Panorama students, are suspected of stabbing and wounding a student as he was leaving school, officials acknowledged,” the outlet reported.

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