Media Wants To ‘Teach’ Readers How To Think By Switching From Russia Collusion Lies To Race Baiting Fake News – Devastating NY Times Leak Crushes Narrative As MSM Rushes From One Hoax Story To Another


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

For nearly three years Americans were fed a constant diet of liberal establishment fake news about Donald Trump’s campaign colluding with Russia. Wall to wall coverage, with many of their written stories having to be changed, retracted, corrected and in some cases totally deleted, which continued right up until the release of the special counsel’s long-awaited report which determined there was no conspiring or coordination by any American citizen, including the Trump campaign, with Russia.

Faced with severely disappointed and angry readers and viewers who just had their last hope of negating the 2016 election buried under an avalanche of reality, the media needed to change gears to give their dwindling audience something else to be outraged about. The decision has now been made that “racism” will now replace “Russia” in their coverage, as evidenced by an internal “town hall” over at the New York Times, to which a recording was leaked to the leftist outlet Slate.



The leaked recording, which was transcribed by Slate, is quite enlightening as to the mindset of not only Dean Baquet, the  executive editor for the New York Times, but the obsession with the word “racism” by the staffers cited in the transcript that make it very clear they want to scream “racist” and “racism” more often and are upset that they are not allowed to.

It isn’t often we at ANP recommend that readers visit a radically leftist website, but for those that want to read the entire transcript, it is over at Slate, the key portions that caught my eye are cited below.

At the start of Baquet’s statement before taking questions from staffers, he states “We built our newsroom to cover one story, and we did it truly well,” in reference to their Russia narrative they hammered for years.

Yes, Baquet is apparently very proud of pushing the Russian collusion hoax onto their readers for three years.

Then he makes his next point of how they need to pivot from Russia to create another narrative, stating “Now we have to regroup, and shift resources and emphasis to take on a different story.”

What is the new “story” Baquet wants the NYT to tell next?

It is a story that requires deep investigation into people who peddle hatred, but it is also a story that requires imaginative use of all our muscles to write about race and class in a deeper way than we have in years. In the coming weeks, we’ll be assigning some new people to politics who can offer different ways of looking at the world. We’ll also ask reporters to write more deeply about the country, race, and other divisions. I really want your help in navigating this story.

Got that? The New York Times’ executive editor has determined to make everything about “race,” “class” and “divisions” rather than reporting new objectively. Predetermining the narrative for stories and events that haven’t even occurred yet to look at them all with “racial” glasses.

To that end, Baquet boasts of the launch of the “1619 Project, the most ambitious examination of the legacy of slavery ever undertaken in [inaudible] newspaper, to try to understand the forces that led to the election of Donald Trump.”

Senator Ted Cruz recently quoted the NYT and their manner of explaining what the 1619 Project is: “What is the 1619 project? In NYT’s words: “It aims to REFRAME OUR COUNTRY’S HISTORY, understanding 1619 as OUR TRUE FOUNDING, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions  of black Americans at the very center of the STORY WE TELL ourselves about who we are.”

In other words, they want to rewrite history, and in the transcript of the leaked NYT meeting, in response to a question from a staffer that thinks “racial” reporting should be part of “our science reporting, in our culture reporting, in our national reporting,” Baquet made it clearthat in order to “reframe our country’s history” they have to “teach” their readers how to think.

I mean, one reason we all signed off on the 1619 Project and made it so ambitious and expansive was to teach our readers to think a little bit more like that. Race in the next year—and I think this is, to be frank, what I would hope you come away from this discussion with—race in the next year is going to be a huge part of the American story.

Is the word “propaganda” running through your minds right about now, dear readers? It is in mine.

Before opening the “town hall” up to questions from staffers, Baquet took employees to task for openly criticizing the paper on social media.

By the way, let’s catch our breath before tweeting stupid stuff or stuff that hurts the paper—or treats our own colleagues in a way that we would never treat them in person. It is painful to me personally, and it destabilizes the newsroom when our own staff tweets things they could never write in our own pages or when we attack each other on Twitter.

That is particularly amusing because one now has to wonder how peeved Baquet is right now knowing someone at that meeting actually leaked a recording of his plans to shape a future narrative to run away from the Russia collusion hoax to replace it with a narrative of race baiting hoax stories.

I would encourage all readers to read the entire transcript, especially the staffers questions, because it truly gives a first person view of how NYT reporters and other staffers think and feel, and the outright bias of the organization as whole, because they thought the discussion would stay internal, but now all of America can, and should, see them for who and what they are and what their agenda going forward is.

Steve Berman over at The Resurgent, in a piece titled “NYT: The People Are Our Enemy,” made a very good point about this leaked meeting.

Suddenly, the New York Times discovers that there’s racists peddling hatred in the world. Scoop! Stop the presses! But it’s not simple racism, because the paper wouldn’t have to go further than Al Sharpton’s Harlem office (which he burned to avoid tax disclosures) to find that. No, this is about a Trump-led white supremacy, that every voter–all 62,984,828 of them–has joined as a complicit, if unaware, racist. 

The NYT sees anyone defending Trump, or in the least bit friendly to him, his administration, his policies, or the parts of the federal government that aren’t against him, as their enemy. In other words, the people are their enemy.

Spot on.

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