by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

G.B. spotted this one, and it’s about the increasing likelihood that there is much more involved in the whole Epstein affair than meets the eye,  including a tie between Robert Maxwell and the Inslaw-PROMIS affair. Here’s the story, and please note, this is from 2017, before Epstein’s recent arrest:

The media mogul and alleged spy’s increasingly redacted ties to the PROMIS scandal include tapping a government database on tapping government databases:

Here’s the story in a nutshell, from the first two paragraphs in the article:

Sir Robert Maxwell is mostly remembered as the Czech-born British media mogul who owned the Daily Mirror and was a Member of Parliament. Less remembered is that he was an alleged spy for both the U.K. and Israel, and was accused of ties to the Mossad abduction of Mordechai Vanunu – accusations which he denied shortly before his apparent suicide. All but forgotten, however, are his alleged ties to the PROMIS affair, thanks in no small part to the FBI withdrawing his file from public view. The withheld materials describe Maxwell accessing an NSA database with information on tapping government databases, which is precisely what U.S. and Israeli intelligence are accused of modifying PROMIS to do.

According to FBI documents first obtained by William Hamilton of Inslaw Inc., the original creator of the PROMIS software which was stolen by the Justice Department, the FBI was contacted by employees of Sandia National Laboratories regarding Robert Maxwell and his company’s access to government databases based on information from the National Security Agency. As a result, the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation to the matter. According to court documents and a FOIA appeal filed by William Hamilton and Inslaw, portions of these documents were suddenly reclassified by the FBI in response to Inslaw’s FOIA request.

The rest of the story relates William (Bill) Hamilton, the CEO of Inslaw’s, efforts to recover his software and recoup damages for its theft by the Department of Justice under the Reagan Administration. And for those who may have forgotten, that was Ed Meece’s justice department.

Why is this of interest and perhaps a huge component of the Epstein affair (and for that matter, the various human trafficking network stories that we’ve seen emerge, beginning all the way back with the Franklin Scandal, and continuing to today with “Pizzagate” and so on)? Here a brief review of what the PROMIS software was capable of is perhaps in order. PROMIS itself stands for PROsecutors’ Management Information Software (or in some versions, System). It was being developed by Hamtilton’s company Inslaw for use in the  Justice Department to allow prosecutors to track cases through state and federal systems. As such, it had to have a “”multi-lingual” computer language reading capability. In effect, it was a database reader for any database, and this capability, of course, made it of interest to other agencies, for one could track almost anything with it, from cases, to terrorists, to weapons, to money flows, and so on. Think of it as a very powerful early version of Google, for such database management implied a search capability, and yes, just for the record, I do suspect a link between Google (and other emergent search engines in the early days of the web, and PROMIS). According to the story, the software was literally stolen by the DOJ, and then several modifications in the form of “backdoors” were added to the software, which was then sold to several foreign intelligence agencies – you know, to countries like Iraq, Egypt, Germany, Canada’s RCMP, Israel, and so on. Indeed, I ran across fictionalized versions of the story back in the 1990s, that alleged one of Inslaw’s original programmers had added his own personalbackdoor to the software, and then promptly disappeared, though I’ve never been able to confirm that aspect of the story. In any case, I also strongly suspect that PROMIS was the software that was allowed to be stolen by the Soviet Union as a part of the infamous “Farewell” case of the French mole inside the KGB’s technical procurements division, and that it may have been responsible for the explosion of a Soviet gas pipeline in the 1990s, visible from outer space. And there are indications that PROMIS and its numerous backdoors may have had a hand in the case of Chinese espionage as Los Alamos.

But now the appearance of Robert Maxwell in the narrative, as being perhaps one of the agents who helped disseminate the program, is intriguing to say the least, for Maxwell is, of course, connected to the Epstein affair. So the question is, why would PROMIS be connected to Epstein, and here’s where my daily High Octane Speculation comes in, for I can think of at least two reasons: (1) it was used to maintain and update the “database” of whatever control files as may have been gathered in connection to Epstein’s alleged network of human trafficking, and (2) it was used to track the actual member-victims of that network. It would, and could, be used to track the “merchandise” of a global human trafficking network. If that speculation is correct, then it implies that this network is much larger than people suppose if it requires such software, and the possible presence of such software also means that one cannot run the network without the active participation of intelligence agencies.

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