Illinois Democrat Holds Fundraiser Featuring Mock Trump Assassinations


by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

How is it that, in 2019, people can threaten to assassinate the President of The United States, or joke about it, and nothing happens?

Things like calling for a President’s assassination used to be considered serious crimes.

Now they are political statements that turn into news stories.

Christina Laila reports:

This is the left.

A political fundraiser for a Democrat state lawmaker in Illinois simulated an assassination attempt of a ‘mock’ Donald Trump.

Attendees to Illinois State Senator Martin Sandoval’s political fundraiser were able to carry out their Trump assassination porn fantasies this week.

“A political fundraiser for Senator Sandoval simulates an assassination attempt against a mock Donald Trump decked out in Mexican garb. Looks like a man pointed a fake assault weapon at the fake President to pose for a picture,” WCIA3 reporter, Mark Maxwell said in a Twitter post.

Sandoval later ‘apologized’ after outcry from social media users.

Social media users tagged Secret Service to alert them to what they perceived as a threat to President Trump.

“The incident that took place is unacceptable. I don’t condone violence toward the President or anyone else. I apologize that something like this happened at my event,” Sandoval said.

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Oh yes, I’m sure Sandoval had no idea this would be happening at HIS fundraiser.

So let’s just accept his apology and let him keep the funds.

Americans are not that stupid Sandoval!

This crap has been going on for years and must stop.

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