Google is censoring political content? *Gasp!* Who knew?


from RT:

The latest leaks about Google’s clandestine political censorship are fascinating — but they’re not going to knock anyone’s socks off for shock factor. Who, at this stage, does not know what Google is up to?

Former Google employee Zachary Vorhies told Project Veritas that he spent a year collecting documents that prove Google uses a politically biased “fringe ranking” system and maintains a “blacklist” of undesirable websites.

Surprise, surprise! Our Silicon Valley overlords have “deboosted and deranked” websites that fall foul of its own agenda.

Coverage of Vorhies’ leaks has been minimal, with the exception of right wing websites, many of which found themselves banished to the “blacklist.” Liberal media has mostly ignored the leaks. This is primarily because Project Veritas is led by arch-conservative James O’Keefe and they are naturally loathe to cover any information he brings to light, regardless of how legitimate it might be.

The group has uncovered some enlightening information in the past; most embarrassingly, it caught a CNN reporter admitting that the Russiagate story, which consumed American media for the better part of three years, was “mostly bullsh*t” but that it had been “incredible” for ratings.

The Daily Beast did cover the leaks — but with the sole purpose of questioning Vorhies’ credibility. The guy, it appears, is a pusher of the QAnon conspiracy theory, who has dabbled in Pizzagate and has written some anti-semitic tweets. Even O’Keefe acknowledged this, tweeting on Wednesday that “not every source is a perfect angel.” 

If his information is accurate, Vorhies’ personal interests shouldn’t be relevant. Then again, when it was revealed that the DNC rigged the 2016 primary against Bernie Sanders, the only thing CNN and friends wanted to talk about was Russia.

The media may have spent three years bloviating about powerful foreign entities influencing their elections, but Google — perhaps the most powerful corporation on earth in terms of its ability to influence human thought — gets a free pass. Seems legit.

Vorhies’ leaks add to the growing cache of evidence that Google is not playing it straight when it claims that political bias does not affect its search results. A Google employee has been caught admitting the company is trying to “prevent the next Trump situation.” The tech giant has encouraged its employees to join “resistance” protests — and removed content critical of it from YouTube (which it owns).

Algorithms “don’t write themselves”another concerned Google employee said last month, “we write them to do what we want them to do” — and what it wants them to do is clear as day.

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