FBI Agents Raid Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island”


by Elias Marat, Activist Post:

Accused child sex trafficker and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private island was the subject of a major FBI raid Monday that was joined by law personnel from U.S. Customs and Border Protection along with the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office task force on the case.

The multi-agency raid on the island of Little St. James, infamously dubbed “Pedophile Island,” was confirmed by a spokesman for the FBI to NBC News after British tabloid the Daily Mail published photos and details about a large group of FBI special agents arriving to the island on speedboats and swarming it on golf carts.

An anonymous onlooker who captured footage of the raid said:

I’m on a boat charter with guests. We are the only guests out here at the moment. We were enjoying lunch when we saw over a dozen people getting off their speedboats and landing on the island.

For years, allegations have circulated that underage girls were held captive as sex slaves and faced horrible abuse on the island, including in a strange temple-like structure.

According to Bloomberg:

Back in his heyday, before his 2008 guilty plea in Florida, Epstein would visit his piece of the Virgin Islands archipelago about two or three times a month for stays of three or four days, according to the former staffer, who asked not to be named because Epstein insisted on secrecy from his employees. He described it as a Zen-like retreat when Epstein was there, padding around shirtless in shorts and flip-flops, with meditative music piped into the area around the main house, the cabanas and the pool, where women would sometimes sunbathe topless or in the nude.

The island appears to have avoided attention from law enforcement officials until now. Despite the many rumors, the telling nickname of “Pedophile Island,” and reports from locals, Little St. James appeared to be operating as usual since Epstein’s arrest.

Thanks to a YouTube account by the name of “Rusty Shackleford,” photographs and drone footage of the island have recently been made available to the public. The first video showcasing the island previously shrouded in mystery was posted on July 10 and was supposedly recorded in April of 2019—prior to Epstein’s arrest.

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