FAKE Spambots Misspell #GunConrolNow (notice the missing “t”) and Make it Trend on Twitter


by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

If you had been holding out any hope of your favorite social media sites ever returning to a spirit of equality toward conservatives, GIVE IT UP!!!

Social media is a rigged game and here is just more proof.

#GunConrolNow trended on Twitter over the weekend.

Where’s the “t”?

YouTube screenshot

4Chan members spotted the oddity.

Here are a couple of comments from the thread that can be seen here.

It was archived rather quickly, so there weren’t a lot of comments.

1.  are there any actual people on twitter besides celebrities and our president?

2. there’s an autofill feature.
not saying it’s not legit and there probably is heavy bot shit going on after stuff like this, and probably even with that hashtag
but twitter gives you recommended hashtags after the first couple of letters and a bunch of people probably were just lazy, didn’t notice the typo, and just hit down+enter

Have you ever noticed that some people (like #2) can never admit that anything conspiratorial or abnormal happens?

You can give them strong evidence and they still want to argue that there is a logical explanation.

More than likely it was a libtard trying to cover up the scam.

If people were so lazy that they used autofill (possible) then why wasn’t the correct spelling trending as well?

…because not EVERYONE is that damn lazy.

Come on.

Here’s a video that shows #g\GunConrolNow trending in real time.

Twitter has had it’s share of this kind of behavior before.

Remember Congressman Steve Stockman from Texas?

He uncovered a really big Twitter scam while still in office.

Here is another classic Twitter fail.

So what do you think?

Was it just that “GunConrolNow” trended because people were in a hurry and used the autofill feature?

I think not.

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