Down To The Wire: Cartel Barely Keeps The Silver Market From Blowing-Up On Them


from Silver Doctors:

SD Friday Wrap: The cartel cut just the right wire at just the right time in order to avoid total catastrophe…

Gold is looking very strong right now.


You can feel it.

Silver is performing very strong as well, even if silver’s strength is not yet reflected in silver’s current “price”.

Check out the break-out from major resistance on silver’s weekly chart:

That’s the 200-week moving average, and silver just blew right through it.

We’ve seen some wild swings in the gold-to-silver ratio this week:

Wild swings happen at major tops & bottoms (spoiler alert – the gold-to-silver ratio is at a major top right now).

On the daily chart we can see the enormity of silver’s move on Wednesday:

I think silver still has room to run to the upside.

I’m really liking the increasing volume on gold’s beautiful weekly chart:

Not even considering the low from December of 2015, but looking at the more recent low in December of 2016, and we can see that gold is up over 35% from those lows.

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