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Another fired Google engineer is speaking up about the tech giant’s treatment of employees with conservative political views, disclosing he was put on a company “blacklist” before being terminated.

Kevin Cernekee told the Wall Street Journal that in 2017 a manager publicly asked on a message board about employees holding views like his: “Can’t we just fire the poisonous a——s already?”

In June 2018, Cernekee was fired, according to a Journal report that cited company documents and communications along with interviews.

As WND reported, last week Google software engineer Greg Coppola was placed on administrative leave hours after he accused the company of political bias in an interview with Project Veritas.

In 2017, Google fired engineer James Damore for circulating an internal memo titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.” And engineer Mike Wacker was fired earlier this year after speaking out about the company’s “outrage mobs.”

‘A lot of bullying at Google’

The Wall Street Journal said Google told Cernekee in a termination letter he was fired for misuse of equipment, including its remote-access software system.

Speaking publicly for the first time, Cernekee denied the charge, insisting he was fired for being an outspoken conservative.

“Historically, there’s been a lot of bullying at Google,” Cernekee said. “There’s a big political angle, and they treat the two sides very differently.”

The Journal said Google spokeswoman Jenn Kaiser declined to comment on the specific incidents described in its article.

“We enforce our workplace policies without regard to political viewpoint,” Kaiser said in a statement.

Some 95 percent of Google employee donations to candidates in the 2018 midterm elections went to Democrats, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Cernekee said that before moving to the Bay Area in 2015 to work for Google, the region’s dominant liberalism struck him as “just like something to occasionally read online and laugh at.”

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