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Martin Katusa was interviewed by Future Money Trends, and he’s been the one man who’s been dead-on when it comes to gold predictions! Katusa is the top name in the resource sector and not a deal goes public without crossing his desk, although most never see a check from him because he’s known as the most disciplined speculator in the venture markets.

Gold, oil, silver, uranium, the dollar, and the relationship between China, Russia, and the U.S. are discussed in the 30-min interview conducted by Daniel Ameduri, the co-founder of Future Money Trends. When it comes to gold, this is the interview to listen to! [There is also a full transcript below the video.]

Marin Katusa’s full interview below.


02:15 The most interesting time for Gold in years!

06:35 Silver’s weak performance against Gold, is it time to take action?

12:05 Underestimating Russia and Iran is a tactical error

20:45 Blunt overview of the Uranium market

26:45 What is the ‘cut to kill strategy’ and how do to profit from it?

31:45 Where to find Marin’s expert insights


Marin is a New York Times best-Selling Author for the book The Colder War, How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America’s Grasp.

Daniel: Greetings. Thank you for joining us at FutureMoneyTrends.com. I have the privilege of being able to speak to this man on a regular basis. He really is a true mentor, someone who I look up to more than anybody else in the business, and he’s about my age. I think he’s like two years older than me, and he manages the money of some of the biggest and most wealthy people I’ve met, including people in the newsletter industry – people who are paid to research, fly around the world, and find stocks for you. This is the guy they call. He’s also the person who has been the most right. I’ve seen him make major calls on oil at the top, I’ve seen him make major calls on gold at the bottom, and he’s got an impeccable gift and passion for researching stocks and waiting. I’ve never known anybody more disciplined than this person when it comes to pulling the trigger. A lot of guys will throw a lot of stock picks out there or tout their gains, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Even Doug Casey, founder of Casey Research, told me that this is the most disciplined stock picker, and you can imagine that he’s probably met tens of thousands of investors, including many, many billionaires. Our guest today has his own letter.

You can become a member for free, and you can upgrade to actually invest with him and invest in exactly what he’s buying. I highly recommend you do that, especially if you’re going to get involved in speculating because he is a master at speculating. Our guest today is Marin Katusa. He is a New York Times Best-Seller. Of all things, the book focused on Putin, which has been a big deal around here in the United States. He’s also the founder and chief editor at KatusaResearch.com. He manages some of the most successful funds in the business. Our guest is Marin Katusa. Marin, thanks for joining us today.

Marin: Thanks for having me, Dan.

Daniel: Marin, I’m so happy to be able to get a hold of you at this very moment. You’ve been, without a doubt, the most right when it comes to gold. You’ve always been cautious about it. I remember even talking to you in July of 2016 when everybody was in absolute euphoria. I went up to you and you were like, “Dan, I don’t know. With the other commodities, it’s not looking good. I don’t think this is it.” Sure enough, looking back now, we know that it was literally the high of that bull run for gold – that short bull run. So here we are, and gold’s made a big move here. What are your thoughts right now on the gold market?

Marin: I think it’s much more interesting than July of 2016. Let’s be frank: myself included, we all thought Hillary would win the election. What Trump did was phenomenal on the upset.

The complete reversal of American foreign policy, the America-first strategy, he really rattled the global markets. That’s step one.

Step two, look what’s going on in the emerging markets. During that time since the global financial crisis, the quantitative easing, or what I call the financial heroin injected with these low rates… so much debt is placed in U.S. dollars, and that’s a ticking time bomb for emerging markets because the problem with debt is you eventually have to pay it or you default.

Either way, it’s tough for what are essentially the slaves who have this debt. Remember that gold is the currency of kings but debt is the currency of slaves in the end. But with this negative interest rate market, the European banks are in big trouble. They really have no other choice.

You look at what’s going on now with Lagarde and her philosophy of lower for longer. This is a great setup for gold, but it’s also a great setup for the U.S. dollar.
And historically speaking, for gold bugs, or people who invested in gold, it was because you expected the U.S. dollar to go down. The gold was bought as a hedge to your currency depreciation. It’s done an incredible job, whether you’re in Turkey with the lira or the ruble or in Venezuela.

There are so many places in which the individuals bought gold to hedge themselves against depreciation. This is what’s majorly controversial, and what I say is I think we’re setting up an environment where the U.S. dollar will do very well and then gold will follow. Many of your viewers might say, “Wait a second, that can’t be.”

But I’ll almost take it to… my background’s math, and when you get into quantum mechanics, you say wait a second, you actually can take the square root of a negative number if you introduce imaginary variables.

That’s kind of where we are in global finance right now. With negative interest rates, the rules are being rewritten, and you can’t look at the historical past of “gold up, U.S. dollar down.” That was the trend of the last hundred years for buying gold. Moving forward, I see a setup where the euro’s going to go down, and what’s going to happen in the yuan in China and the Hong Kong dollar.

There’s some major risks globally, and I think the U.S. dollar people will flee for safety to the U.S. dollar, and also gold. Another thing; if you look at some of the charts I’ve published on my Twitter, we’re at historic lows for the amount of exposure the gold sector has to the average investor. If we just go back to the 30-year average, you’ll see a skyrocket in some of the valuations of some of these producers and developers in the gold market. We’re in a great market, and I would say that in the last 10 years, there’s not a better time to be interested in gold.

Daniel: Now, I think you are the one who told me the gold bugs were hardcore, the silver bugs were like gold bugs on crack, then you had another term for the uranium bugs.

I’m getting a lot of emails, and I’m sure you are, too, about the gold-to-silver ratio. I took a quick glance at it this morning before this call. I only see one other time where it got over 90 like this. That was back in 1991, and it only lasted for about 4 days.

Do you at all look at the gold-to-silver ratio, and does that make silver a better buy here, in your opinion? Because it is about 94 right now, and I think it reached very close to 100.

Some charts have it at like 101, other charts have it at like 99 back in ’91 for just 4 days.

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