U.S., Russia, China Cooperation Portends New Paradigm for Mankind


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

President Donald Trump’s visit to North Korea, meeting with Kim Jong Un, while restoring the “Singapore Spirit” in bilateral relations between the U.S. and North Korea, actually represents far more than that—potentially a major leap for mankind. Helga Zepp-LaRouche noted today that, while the meeting came up suddenly on Sunday, June 30, it “reflects the entire process leading up to the meeting between Trump and Putin, Trump and Xi Jinping—and I think there has been in the background an absolutely incredible effort to go in this direction. This is a big step in the direction of the Four Powers working together.”

The “Four Powers” refers to cooperation between the world’s major Eurasian cultures—Russia, China, India and the U.S.—as representative of the best of European culture—which Lyndon LaRouche defined as the minimum combination of political and cultural entities with the strength required to extinguish the dying embers of the British Empire, and create a New Paradigm for mankind based on cooperative economic development and a new Renaissance uniting the positive heritage of each of the world’s successful cultures.

It cannot be overlooked that both Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin met recently with Kim Jong Un, leading into the historic private meetings between President Trump and both Xi and Putin in Osaka, in which Trump asserted his personal diplomatic control. National Security Adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were left out of the one-on-one summits—Bolton was even sent off to Mongolia throughout.

As President Putin told the Financial Times last week, progress on the North Korea issue can only happen if there are absolutely solid security guarantees for North Korea, especially since the North Koreans are fully aware of what happened to Iraq and Libya when they gave up their nuclear weapons programs. For obvious reasons, such guarantees can only be accomplished by Russia and by China in cooperation with the U.S.

The central question which remains to be addressed: Can the cooperation between the U.S., Russia and China on strategic issues be extended to the crucial issue of reforming the tottering international financial infrastructure? Even the Bank for International Settlements has this week warned of the wildly overextended corporate debt bubble, bloated by leveraged debt very similar to the sub-prime mortgage bubble that sparked the 2008 blow-out, and near collapse of the Western financial system.

Zepp-LaRouche raised today: “I think that this kind of cooperation, Russia, China and the United States, is getting very, very close to the potential of extending it to areas which need to be addressed, like the pending financial crisis, the New Bretton Woods, the urgent reform of the system, but that is possibly not so impossible as people may think.” She pointed to an article published Monday by CNBC by Michael Ivanovitch—a former official at the OECD, a former economist at the New York Federal Reserve, and a Columbia University economics professor—titled “Trump Is Laying Groundwork for a New World Order Built around the U.S., China and Russia.”

Ivanovitch writes that the largest business delegations at the June 6-8 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was from the United States (it is also the fact that the largest foreign delegation to the Dalian “Summer Davos” Forum now taking place in China is from the U.S.). Ivanovitch points to the interference with Trump’s intention to forge close relations with Russia and China from within his own Cabinet, which have been sidelined in the recent diplomatic achievements, and that Trump is aware that achieving his intention in this regard is crucial for his reelection in 2020.

The next crucial event is the July 20 fiftieth anniversary of human landing on the Moon. The Schiller Institute is holding celebrations internationally, to galvanize the growing momentum for global cooperation in Mankind’s next 50 years. Zepp-LaRouche pointed today to the urgent necessity to “transform the U.S. economy into a space economy, to make it possible for Trump’s idea of putting man and woman on the Moon by 2024 to actually succeed…. If you look at the bills of materials which are required to do the colonization of the Moon-Mars program,” she added, “it will only function if you increase the productivity of the whole world economy,” including a breakthrough in fusion power. “You have not enough industrial and technological scientific capacity right now, in the world, to do the kinds of transformations which are required,” she said. “So there is no reason to regard any country as an enemy, because even if the whole world is pooling our total industrial capacity, it still does require a jump to a new economic platform, the training of one or two generations—it does require a tremendous jump. So it’s not a smaller cake which has to be divided among squabbling people: It’s the question of how do you define a new economic platform where new degrees of freedom are possible.”

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