The Special Relationship is Collapsing β€” Perfidious Albion Delenda Est


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

Both in the United States and in the United Kingdom, there is a growing recognition β€” and trembling by some β€” that the Special Relationship between the UK and the US is in shambles, and could well be completely and irreversibly destroyed in the immediate future. The release of the diplomatic dispatches from former UK Ambassador to Washington (he resigned this morning), Sir Nigel Kim Darroch, KCMG (Knight Commander of St. Michael and St. George) means far more than the exposure of the obscenely titled aristocrat for his role in the British imperial coup attempt against Britain’s former colonies. Indeed, it has the potential of tipping the scales against the Empire’s control over the United States: the end of the “free market” economic construct imposed on the ruins of the Hamiltonian “American System” of directed credit and scientific progress; and the end of American military might being used as the “dumb giant” to carry out British colonial wars across Asia and Southwest Asia.

Lyndon LaRouche spent much of his 96 years fighting to educate Americans, and citizens of the world, to understand that the actual enemy of civilization was not some nation state, nor any combination of nation states, but the supranational Empire centered in the City of London and its controlled subsidiaries on Wall Street and in the financial centers in the other Western powers.

Now, the controllers of that Empire are in a state of panic, while people of good will are finally taking action to break the chains of the Special Relationship. In London, the Lords and Ladies are screeching against President Trump for daring to denounce the criminal actions of the British Ambassador, for willfully mobilizing forces within the US to carry out the treasonous coup attempt against the Trump Presidency. Former Foreign Minister Malcolm Rifkind, for example, raged that the President is “wacky and strange,” and claimed (wishfully, but incorrectly) that “most of America ignores” Trump’s tweets.

And in the US, Americans are increasingly ridding themselves of their subservience to the British Imperial mystique. The fact that British intelligence ran the entire Russiagate scam against the President is now openly being exposed by the Attorney General and by members of the Congress, as LaRouche PAC exposed from the beginning. Rowan Scarborough of theΒ Washington TimesΒ today wrote on the “Tale of Two Dossiers” β€” Christopher Steel’s and now Sir Kim’s dispatches. “Even before the extraordinary disclosures,” Scarborough wrote, “President Trump was deeply suspicious of the British government’s role in investigating him and his allies.” Now, he added, the subversive Darroch dispatches “were likely distributed to the seats of power, including No. 10 Downing St.”

All of this has come just a few days after President Trump broke from the neoconservative crew surrounding him (whom we now know were being solicited by Sir Kim as “gate keepers,” the “Trump Whisperers,” the “individuals we rely upon to ensure the UK voice is being heard in the West Wing”). In Asia, Trump did his own diplomatic work, meeting personally with Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, and many others. The conditions have been established for the President to realize his original campaign pledge to be “friends” with Russia, and to reach an accord with China which goes beyond trade, to potentially realize LaRouche’s proposal for the US to join China’s New Silk Road.

The 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s Moon landing in 10 days is an occasion both to celebrate Mankind’s creative “dominion over nature,” and to bring the entire world together in extending Mankind’s “extraterrestrial imperative,” as the great space scientist Krafft Ehricke posited.

Time is short for achieving this great mission. The Empire will not pass calmly into oblivion, but will risk anything β€” even nuclear war β€” to save itself. Also, the bubble in the western financial system has again reached a bursting point, more bloated today than before the 2008 crash.

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