The American Republic is being purposefully morphed into the American Idiocracy


from State Of The Nation:

Once it happens — the enforced idiocracy — the final collapse of the American Republic is inevitable.

Such is the power of an idiocracy to destroy a great nation in a day and a night.

The most troubling aspect is that so few Americans really care about the free-fall collapse that started years ago in all the major cities.

For instance, once the Democrats completely took over Denver and the statehouse, the takeover of the rest of the once conservative state of Colorado became a foregone conclusion.

This highly premeditated and stealthy strategy is being used across the USA, and no one’s doing anything about it.

Two Party System of Traitors

The whole subversion of the U.S Federal Government began many decades ago with the steady infiltration of each branch of government with stone-cold traitors.

The U.S. Congress spends more time committing treason than legislating good law.

The U.S. Supreme Court upholds the worst law and overrules the best as if their “charter” demands its.

The entire U.S. Executive Branch is nothing but an extension of Deep State.  Control of the White House flips from communist to fascist and back again from one administration to the next.

All three branches of the US government in the District of Columbia have been transformed back into the SWAMP that Washington, D.C. was originally built upon.

The Democrat swamp creatures and RINO swamp monsters, who now occupy every square inch of land inside the Beltway, have the run of the whole place.

Because these treacherous politicians all work for the International Banking Cartel, which has effectively owned and operated the US CORPORATION since the federal Reserve Act of 1913, they serve every interest but those of the U.S. citizenry.


So, it’s not difficult to imagine just how taken over by dark forces and foreign powers the American Republic is at this late date. See CROWNGATE: THE GREATEST CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY IN U.S. HISTORY

Elections no longer matter

Do you really think the power elite will permit a POTUS in the White House who is not one of them?

Really, no matter who wins 2020, the elites have won.

The Democrat debates are not only a surrealistic freak show, they have proven unequivocally that the Donkey Party is really the Communist Party.

Each initiative proposed by the Democrats reveals their transparent treason and outright sedition toward the Trump administration.

As for the GOP, just look at the state of Florida; it’s become a vassal state of the apartheid nation of Israel.

President Trump represents the culmination of the Israeli strategy to subjugate the U.S. Federal Government to Tel Aviv.  For those who doubt this now self-evident truth, please view the following video. MIGA: Trump, Netanyahu & Israel (Video)

If that video is not compelling enough, please consider the following radioactive exposé that still only scratches the surface of the real Donald Trump.  It’s absolutely critical for patriots to understand that Trump was intentionally sent in to hijack the Patriot Movement.  And so he has!

For these significant reasons and many others, elections simply don’t matter anymore.  The power elite always wins regardless of who is elected POTUS.

Yes, this is the way it’s always been going back to the Thirteen Colonies; however, these United States now stand at the edge of a precipice.  Whoever ‘wins’ 2020 will take the nation over the cliff … … … that is, if it’s not pushed into the abyss of either full-blown communism or fascism before Election Day.

Remember, no one but no one ever gets into the Oval Office unless they have been chosen by The Powers That Be.  Can’t happen, won’t happen, will never happen given the current playing field which TPTB built.

Deep State administers the US government on behalf of the Shadow Government and cannot be toppled given the current order.  Therefore, a new order must be created in which Deep State is removed in one fell swoop.

This is where we are, folks.

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