Russiagate continues because it masks the defense of globalism [Video]


by Seraphim Hanisch, The Duran:

Keeping Russiagate alive protects globalism. This is the unreported story behind all the activity surrounding Robert Mueller’s appearance and party-line slug-fest this past Wednesday.

Robert Mueller III appeared before two Congressional committees on Wednesday. In what would be a grueling session for the strongest of us, the former Special Prosecutor endured some seven hours of something that we cannot honestly call “questioning.” Rather than a seven-hour search for information to perhaps clarify questions arising from certain vagueness that appears in the 448-page report (available here), what most Democrat and most Republican House members actually did was to use Mr. Mueller as the wall from which they could bounce their own opinions and biases off of.

That continued Friday with a “press conference” led by Democrat Jerrold Nadler and his cadre of impeachment-hungry Democrats, including presidential candidate Swalwell of California, one of the most virulently anti-Trump Democrats. They gave a presser that essentially reiterates their overall intention to impeach the President, though they were extremely careful to frame this in the phrases such as “exploration of options” and other things. Contrasted with recent House votes to bring Articles of Impeachment against the President, this group is trying to appear methodical, and during the press conference, Chairman Nadler tried to lay out the case for impeachment, saying that the Mueller hearings exposed multiple accounts of Candidate Trump having actually “committed crimes” that he needed to be held accountable for. For those that want to see it for themselves (always highly advised), this conference is available under this text link.

In a way, this is no surprise… the “Mueller Report” served as fodder for both sides. The hearing the other day served as fodder for both sides, and so, here we have this group of Democrats that has managed to sustain their own narrative and use their own rhetoric as continued fodder, and again, for both sides.

Politically, of course, this “feeds” those people in the States that *want* to believe that there was something wrong that Candidate Donald Trump did. It also “feeds” those people who support the President and see that this is at the very least an attempt to place the nation back under control of those evil liberal Democrats. With this polarization, the result is of course, heated rhetoric and argument, ratings rushes for the mainstream and cable news networks, and a continuation of conflict in American.

But in reality, this effort serves a larger purpose.

President Trump is by no means an ideological conservative, yet the Democrats absolutely hate him. Why is this? The answer to that question is most informative, and it can be summarized that this apparently “rabid” group of Democrats is really trying to stop the direction that the President and much of the American population want to go in – a reestablishment of strong national sovereignty. This is an EPIC smokescreen that serves a much bigger purpose.

That bigger purpose is the maintenance of the US as either a purveyor of globalism, or at least, globalists want to prevent the US making a move, under President Trump’s leadership, to become more strictly and strongly sovereign within her own borders. While the Democrats are the loudest voices in this effort, many Republicans are semi-silent partners. Just look at the unsolved situation along the US southern border. Nothing is happening there to stop illegal immigration because globalist-minded Congressmen and women do not want this to change. And that wish is bi-partisan. But we digress…

It is for this precise reason, the move toward nationalism, cultural sovereignty and inevitably, spiritual security, that so much energy is spent attacking Russia.

The reason for attacking Russia is that this superpower is showing the world that it is not only possible NOT to go for the “one world, secularist, globalist dream” but that doing so is unprofitable for the nations doing it. Further, Russia’s actions toward this have engaged the Orthodox Christian Church, with its most ancient teachings, unspoiled by the secularist currents in most places in the world.

Even in the United States, where a very small Orthodox Christian population takes an enormous beating from the feckless “true religion” of modern-day American, called “Americanism”, “rugged individuality”, but which is more precisely called “rebellion against Divine Authority”, there are nevertheless many Orthodox Christians who understand deeply what Russia and the other former Soviet States are doing (including Poland with its very traditional views on Roman Catholicism across much of that land). In these countries, Christianity is rising to dominance as the litmus test for what is right and what is wrong.

While Christian identity and nationalism are not always expressed in a manner that is true to the Christian faith, it is still true that nationalist-minded people understand that the purest expression of sovereignty and national identity comes inescapably linked to a concept of that nation and where it stands in relation to God.

With every passing day, Russia’s move towards a strong national identity has encouraged its identity as an Orthodox Christian nation to become foremost in defining what Russia is. Consider the graphics used to announce news or propaganda pieces from the Soviet times:


And TIME magazine’s May 29th, 2017 cover “accusation” of the nature of the Trump White House:


They hid the crosses on the Church by giving us an edgewise view, but look at this screen grab from a recent Tucker Carlson presentation on the far more conservative Fox News Network (here, the crosses are visible):


Now, this is not to accuse Fox of attacking Christianity. That is not the point at all. To do so would be absurd, as many of Fox’s lead reporters are quite dedicated Roman Catholics or otherwise Christian people. What this imagery does show is that the image of Russia is becoming chiefly represented by the Orthodox Church. When we see photos of the Kremlin, we see the Churches there.

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