President Taking Back Foreign Policy? Good! But Who Will Stop the Global Economic Collapse?


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

In an international webcast yesterday, Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche noted with pleasure that President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un revived “the Singapore spirit” this weekend. In American terms, she said, the complete surprise engineered by Trump at the DMZ – following meetings with Presidents Xi of China and Putin of Russia which helped it happen — represents a return to policymaking by the President. It flanks the well-known “chickenhawks” of the Anglo-American war party. It is very promising, Zepp-LaRouche said, and was seen as such by the other major powers at the G20 meeting. There is good reason for optimism that it was seen as such by the American people also.

The Japanese government may also be playing an important role in this; perhaps a new “Asian security architecture” is being discussed to stop proliferation of intermediate- and short- range nuclear missiles.

But what is crucial, is that President Trump’s meetings with Xi and, particularly, with Putin, were not sabotaged this time by the war party!

Just two weeks ago, the President had been pushed to within 10 minutes of war with Iran, and treasonously kept in the dark about plans to commit cyberbombing of Russia’s electricity grid — an act of superpower war. The UK’s “Mayhem” government has pushed President Trump into military attacks before, with fakery. For decades the U.S. war party in Congress and the White House has acted like so many British imperial Haushofers, Churchills and Mackinders. In a republic, a patriotic President makes foreign policy, particular with other great powers. If President Trump can reestablish this, he should get Americans’ total support.

But those great powers did nothing at the G20 meeting to deal with the grim origin and companion of war, economic collapse. The world economy is falling into recession, with the threat of another, worse financial blowout. Look at EIR‘s special issue next week, “The Bitter Truth about the Economic ‘Recovery’.

The flailing European Union is useless in this crisis. As Lyndon LaRouche insisted for two decades until his death, the leaders of the United States, China, Russia and India must take the lead, with other sovereign nations as possible, exclude the British and launch a new Bretton Woods credit system like the one Franklin Roosevelt envisaged after World War II.

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