Leaked Ambassador’s Cables Expose British Interference in U.S. Policymaking, 2020 Elections


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

The exposé published yesterday afternoon by the U.K. Daily Mail based on two years of leaked secret diplomatic cables sent back to London by Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the U.S., Sir Kim Darroch, demonstrates, as this news agency has uniquely proven, that the only foreign intelligence interference in the U.S. elections is that of the United Kingdom—and that its intent is to undo the Presidency of Donald Trump.

According to the leaked cables, in discussing Iran, Ambassador Darroch insinuated that the British control a hawkish group of “Donald whisperers” who have President Trump’s ear. Darroch stated that Trump was never onboard with a military response to the recent drone downing by Iran, but that a new incident, involving the loss of American lives, could trigger a U-turn, provided the British continue to “flood the zone” of advice available to the President.

The latest revelations lead to some crucial questions: Who are these British controlled advisers? Is there a direct pipeline from the British Foreign Office? Darroch also claimed that the British have penetrated and cultivated the circle of Trump friends. If so, who are they and how was this done? With regard to Iran, shouldn’t President Trump order an investigation now, centered on British-controlled networks in the area, aimed at preventing and exposing any British-orchestrated new provocation?

These questions must be urgently answered in a full investigation, not only in the interests of U.S. national sovereignty and national security, but also in the interests of world peace.

Darroch—Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, a career intelligence officer-diplomat who served arch-imperialist Tony Blair as Ambassador to the European Union from 2007 to 2011, and David Cameron as National Security Adviser from January 2012-September 2015—has been ambassador in Washington, since January 2016. That is, Sir Kim has been the case officer on this side of “the Pond” for British intelligence MI6’s Christopher Steele-centered operation against Donald Trump’s 2016 candidacy and subsequent Presidency.

Darroch is well-connected to the British intelligence apparatus which ran that attempted coup. When he was National Security Adviser, he led the committee which recruited Robert Hannigan to head GCHQ, Britain’s equivalent of the NSA, which passed on the “intelligence” used to start the “Russiagate” coup fraud against candidate Trump, and he regularly dined with employees of Hakluyt, the firm of “retired” top MI6 officers also caught in the Steele operation. As Ambassador, he vouched that Steele was “absolutely” legitimate, when U.S. officials queried him.

No cables were leaked from the crucial 2016 period—at least not yet. But those now exposed by the Daily Mail, spanning from 2017 to this past June, expose how Great Britain has not ended, but has escalated the information warfare operation begun with Trump’s emergence as a genuine contender for the Presidency. In 2017, Darroch assured London the allegations of collusion between Trump and Russia still “cannot be ruled out.” In recent cables, Ambassador Darroch warned London to not overestimate the results of Trump’s June 2019 visit with the Queen (“this is still the land of ‘America First’”). “Don’t write him off,” he wrote; there is a “credible path” for Trump to win the 2020 election.

Darroch advised London in the summer of 2017 that Britain should adopt what he called a “flood the zone” strategy of cultivating British assets in the U.S. to create a controlled environment of advice and intelligence around the President—and the American people. In this cable, the Daily Mail wrote,

“[t]he diplomat also highlighted how the President spends his evenings phoning his friends outside the administration ‘seeking reinforcement or a different take’. Many of these friends have been ‘cultivated’ by the British, Sir Kim boasted.

“‘It’s important to “flood the zone”: you want as many as possible of those who Trump consults to give him the same answer,’ he wrote. ‘So we need to be creative in using all the channels available to us through our relationships with his Cabinet, the White House staff, and our contacts among his outside friends.’”

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