Is Kamala The Chosen One? Top Harris Lawyer Is Same Operative Who Hired Fusion GPS For Hillary


from True Pundit:

Want to know what else puts Harris at the top of the pack? According to the Washington Examiner‘s Jerry Dunleavyher top campaign attorney, Marc Elias, is the same guy who hired Fusion GPS for the Clinton Campaign. 

Marc Elias, who heads Perkins Coie’s political law group, became general counsel for California Sen. Kamala Harris’ presidential bid this year. Elias, who held the same position in Clinton’s campaign, is named in two pending Federal Election Commission complaints and in a recent federal lawsuit alleging that the Clinton campaign broke campaign finance laws when it used Perkins Coie to hire Fusion GPS. –Washington Examiner

Fusion GPS, in turn, hired former MI6 spy Christopher Steele to cook up a dossier full of fabrications about then-candidate Trump and his 2016 campaign, which was then shopped to media outlets and passed along to US intelligence, where it was later used to obtain a warrant to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Dunleavy notes that in 2017, former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook admitted that he authorized Elias to hire Fusion GPS, saying ““I asked our lawyer and I gave him a budget allocation to investigate this, particularly the international aspect.” Mook said he received information directly from Fusion GPS or Steele about the Trump-Russia project.

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