Hyperinflation Final Warning? Trump Just Tweeted About “Pumping Money” For 4th Time This Month!


from Silver Doctors:

HYPERINFLATION OF THE DOLLAR IS HERE! There is only one thing that’s missing until it’s blatantly obvious…

Hyperinflation of the dollar isn’t coming.

It’s already here.

By the Fed’s own admission in their slow, torturous murder of the dollar since 1913, we’ve already had the hyperinflation:


When the dollar is worth just pennies on the, well, dollar, it’s safe to say the dollar is nearly worthless.

How does it become totally worthless?

We are just missing one thing, and that’s the “crack-up boom”.

What’s the crack-up boom?

Oh, just the mad scramble to get out of US dollars by any and all means necessary, and it will not be limited to the super rich, but rather, anybody with dollars, saved, hidden, or otherwise, will be getting out of their dollars by buying up everything in sight that’s durable or non-perishable.

A game of global hot potato, if I may.

A massive shopping spree, fueled by the speed of the internet.

Today we got a fourth Tweet from President Trump about money printing, which Trump talks about by using “pump money”:

Notice the exact phrase has changed from earlier in the month, but the meaning is still the same.

We now have the phrase “pump money” to add to our hyperinflation indicators.

The same phrase used last week:

It really is not difficult to understand what it means to pump money.

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