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Florida man’s home defense rifle saves his life

A Florida homeowner will not face charges after he used an AR-15 rifle to fend off four armed home invaders, killing two.

The incident, which took place Wednesday evening around 8:20 p.m. in Summerfield, started when one of the men approached the 61-year-old’s home claiming he was having car trouble.

From top left: Keith Jackson, Nigel Doyle, Robert Hamilton (bottom left), & Seth Rodriguez / Photo credit: Marion County SO, Ocala StarBanner

The homeowner, who was injured during the altercation, spotted the man peering through a back sliding-glass door, and recognized him from a previous Craigslist transaction, but told him through a closed door he wouldn’t be able to help due to a physical disability.

The man left and the homeowner fell asleep, but he later awoke and grabbed his handy AR-15 when he heard a loud noise.

“He saw a masked person inside the home, he said, and he and the intruders exchanged gunfire,” reports the Ocala StarBanner. “He said he shot at the man in the mask and at a second person coming toward him.”

When police arrived, they found robbery suspect Nigel Doyle, 22, shot outside the home with a shotgun near him.

They also located Keith Jackson Jr., 21, dead inside the home and wearing a “Jason” hockey mask, a black shirt and gloves, with a pistol beside his head. The homeowner, who was not identified, says Jackson was the one who shot him.

Police found the homeowner in his bedroom bleeding from a gun shot to the stomach with his AR-15 laid on his legs.

The homeowner and Doyle were transported to the hospital, where the latter died.

Upon inspecting the 20-acre property, police found two more robbery suspects, Robert John Hamilton, 19, and Seth Adam Rodriguez, 22, hiding in tall grass and sweating.

Rodriguez told police the four had planned to rob marijuana and guns from the home.

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