Hint: It’s ALWAYS The Converse


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

“I’m an anti-fascist” — He’s a fascist.  In fact he’ll beat you with a baseball bat or shoot you if you disagree with him.

“I’m for drug price reform!” — He wants the drug companies to screw you up the ass.

“Medicare for all!” — Actual medical care for noneMedicare Taxes for all.

“I care about children deeply!”  — On his zipper and up theirs!

“I…. did…. not… have…. sex… with… that… woman!” — I got a knob-job from her under my desk.

“Drugs, if abused, might destroy your life!” — Therefore I’ll arrest you and throw you in prison for having them, which will destroy your life.

“Inflation is low and controlled” — In anything you don’t actually need, like a television.  In those things you do need (food, medicine, car insurance, etc) prices have been doubling every 5 years or less.

“Wage gains are strong.” — Government deficits are rising faster; in real terms you’re losing.

“I’m for the common people” — She’s all for you getting butt-raped, that is.

“You cling to your guns and are dangerous” — He wants those guns so he can shoot you — or someone else can rob,******and murder you — while you’re defenseless.

“I’m pro-choice” — Actually, you’re pro-killing, seeing as there are 1 million-odd fetuses destroyed a year.

“Separating children from their parents is immoral” — Only when the parent, who committed a crime, is an illegal alien.  When the parent is a US citizen then it’s not only good it’s expected because said “parent” obviously can’t be bothered to obey the law while with their children.

“There is no such thing as an illegal.” — Uh huh.  Their first act in America was to violate the law — and for most, it wasn’t their last by a long shot; they go on to rip off people’s identities, engage in criminal tax evasion, fraudulently access medical and other social services and when ordered to leave go on the lam, refuse to comply with the lawful orders of a court and hide.  Not that we should expect different from someone who’s first act in the nation is to break the law.

“We’re a great friend to the US” — Except when we engage in illegal cartel behavior with our oil, or blast unarmed American ships, or participate in illegal price-fixing by our pharmaceutical companies.

“We support human rights” — Can we go ask the Uyghurs about that face-to-face?  No?  Gee, I wonder why.

“That’s an autonomous region!” — Except for their elected officials and the laws in said region, of course.

“We’re for free trade!” — Starting with ripping off everything that’s not nailed down, hacking your corporate computers and more.

“We’re progressive!” — Uh huh.  It’s progress to enslave people in forcing them to give what they have to others?  It’s progress to take over student lending and void bankruptcy options for those who borrow same?  It’s progress to force people to pay someone else’s medical bills?  It’s progress to force girls in 10th grade to shower with boys in their locker room at school?  It’s progress to force girls to attempt to compete in track with boys spouting a penis, testicles, and massively greater muscle mass as a result of their genetics?  It’s progress to pass “people of color” in school or college who can’t do the work?

Got it yet?

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