Hillary’s cryptic, dramatic tweet has 2020 speculators’ ears perked up


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

Hillary Clinton isn’t running for President, but she hasn’t ruled it out either.

The former Secretary of State and a spokeswoman delivered dueling narratives a few months back, one indicating that Clinton has no interest in the White House, but with a turnabout being officially issued the very next day stating that nothing had been “ruled out”.

And, given the stagnation occurring in the enormous and unwieldy field of democrats, Clinton could be feeling a bit froggy.

A broad and melodramatic tweet by the former First Lady has added to the speculation.

While a bevy of other democrats have also lashed out at supporters of the President for their behavior, they have all done so with a very present and prescient tone…none of the parliamentary-style prose of Clinton’s somber, speech-worthy verbiage here.

Is this an indication that Clinton is seeking a reemergence on the national political scene?  Not necessarily, but it certainly isn’t pointing us in the other direction.  This well-crafted, albeit a little extra tone wasn’t a flippant response to what Clinton was seeing on television.  This was a metered, deliberate expression of her feeling that was likely deliberated upon for some time.  She is certainly working hard to appear presidential with the language here, and thats’ what has our interest piqued.

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