by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

Ok. You have already read the headline, and have my permission to call me crazy, for I fully intend to walk right off the end of the twig of high octane speculation today; think of those old Road Runner cartoons with Wile. E. Coyote running off the cliff, and falling several thousand feet to an animated kerplop when he hit bottom. And, just so we’re on record of how crazy I intend to get with today’s high octane speculation, I might as well confess right up front – as I did in yesterday’s blog about the strange and highly suspicious fire on that Russian spy submarine – that I think there may be a connection between that incident (and whatever really transpired) and all those earthquakes that now seem to be lighting up the region from California to Alaska this article courtesy of V.T.):

The timing of these quakes, in more or less the same time frame of the Russian submarine incident, is suspicious, given that some speculate (as I outlined yesterday) that perhaps the submarine was on a mission to plant a giant themonuclear bomb on the ocean floor, whose express purpose would be precisely to cause earthquakes and floods. M.H. took that speculation a bit further, by noting that the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein occurred, and then Swampington DC was flooded:

Flash flooding hits Washington, D.C., prompting water rescues

M.H. then added a bit of high octane speculation: Could it be, he asked, that

Mr. Globaloney needs to artificially induce the Cascadia Megathrust Earthquake in California prior to beginning their real technocratic infrastructure rebuild? Since the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake is “overdue” and one of maybe two looming natural catastrophes in the Continental US, it seems like they’d need to set it off now to prevent it from destroying their project at a later date. The sickening logic here is that they likely MUST set off the earthquake, to rip the band aid as it were, lest it take out their project mid-build or before they can develop sufficient was to get around it. Moreover, and even if pre-triggering the earthquake wasn’t necessary, I could see the disaster capitalists at Crassus, Incorporated, using the megathrust earthquake to destroy the crumbling California dams, already over capacity and with massive unseasonable snowpack still remaining, to flood out everyone and everything in the California population centers. The result would be the disaster capitalist’s dream, taken to its next level…catastrophe capitalism.

If that idea sounds a little far-fetched, or even if my own idea that we might be witnessing some sort of actual geophysical warfare being conducted, then take a look at this map (shared by V.T.):

Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada

Notably, many of those quakes are clustered around areas well-known for their heavy US military black projects installations, many of them being underground, and specifically areas like Palmdale and Helmdale, and China Lake in California, and some quakes in areas of Nevada near the testing range and one that looks to be in the region of Area 51. And the amount of quakes appears to be increasing:

The earth under Southern California is rumbling with about one aftershock every minute

The difficulty is, of course, that the region is naturally geophysically active already, and has been for a very long time. But add some technology, a few well-positioned bombs, and voila! M.H.’s scenario begins to look more likely. And given what we’ve seen with the strange anomalies reported for the recent years’ fires in California, the scenario becomes possible, so possible, in fact, that one might want to modify Elana Freeland’s very apt observation that with the advent and deployment of weather modification  technologies on a mass scale in recent decade,s that there is no longer any such thing as completely natural weather, to include the idea that with the advent of geophysical engineering technologies, there also is no longer any such thing as a completely natural earthquake or volcanic activity. To be sure, such activity might be reckoned as “unintended blowback and consequences” of the deployment of such technologies, but such technologies make those unintended consequences possible to begin with.

Which brings me back to yesterday’s high octane speculations regarding that strange Russian submarine incident, and the equally strange sudden cancellations of public appearances by Vice President Pence, and the D.C. meeting called by President Trump. Let’s assume, for the moment, that the meeting was not only about the submarine incident, but about the earthquakes in California. I’ve already blogged earlier this week about Governor Newsom’s “cooperation” with the Pentagon for coordinating future disaster relief (and future disaster capitalism) in the state. If that meeting was about the earthquakes, then it implies it may have been about earthquake and geophysical warfare. But they’ll never tell us that, because to do so would be to admit the existence of technologies they’d rather not talk about publicly, for to talk about them would challenge the whole “natural disaster” narrative, and begin to point fingers at actors with access to such technologies. And those actors can be numbered on two hands…

But is there any evidence to suggest such a scenario? There is, and it’s bizarre (this article shared by S.D.):

California earthquake: Why are the BEES dying in DEATH VALLEY after 7.1 magnitude quake?

Note this:

The unexpected mass casualties of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in California have been revealed as bees, according to one social media influencer who discovered them. Experts believe the huge quake somehow disrupted the Earth’s magnetic fields which the bees rely on for navigation leading to mass confusion, effective paralysis and death. YouTube sensation Khalil Underwood uploaded footage of thousands of dead bees lining his driveway outside his Californian home following the USA quake.

Khalil captured a snapshot of what is believed to be a wider problem in a shocking video of black dead insects dotting his driveway.

The few live ones lay twitching or madly circling around buzzing before dying.


California earthquake: The dead bees, right, after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit 

A freaked-out Khalil told his 314,000 Twitter followers: “This is crazy. I’ve never witnessed anything like this.

“Look how many f***ing bees are on the f***ing floor from the earthquake.”

He initially wrote there was “like 70 on the floor just buzzing & dying” but updated the number to thousands in a post next day, later justifying the numbers.

He wrote: “I wasn’t exaggerating or joking….. after the Earthquake thousands of bees were vibrating on the floor and dying…. this shit was so crazy to me.”

Typically, the article writes off the sudden death of bees after the 7.1 earthquake as being due to a sudden disruption of the Earth’s magnetic field. For that matter, piezoelectric effects might also be a possible explanation. But equally possible though of course not mentioned by the article is not some “inexplicable disruption” of the Earth’s magnetic field, but a technologically-driven electromagnetic disruption. The telltale sign here is the fact that the sudden-death bee die-off is not typically seen with some earthquakes.

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