French police station attacked two nights in a row with Molotov cocktails, rocks, fireworks


from Voice Of Europe:

A police station in the commune of Les Ulis in the suburbs of southwest Paris was attacked on successive nights after the Algerian national football team was victorious in the Africa Cup of Nations semi-final over the weekend.

According to a report from the French newspaper Le Parisien, the police station was first attacked on Saturday night and then targeted again Sunday night when some 50 people hurled rocks, Molotov cocktails, fireworks, and other objects at it.

During Sunday night’s attack, no police officers were reported to have been injured but at least four police vehicles were destroyed by the rioters.

In the Essonne department in Ris-Orangis – another commune in the southern suburbs of Paris –people chucked rocks and stones at police officers on Sunday night.

Meanwhile in Corbeil-Essonne, a horde of between 50 and 80 individuals through glass bottles, cinder blocks, and other hard objects at police officers.

Five rioters were arrested.

Traffic was also blocked in the city center of Corbeil-Essonnes by several hundred supporters of the Algerian football team. Some clashes with police were reported.

Violence first erupted on Friday night after two police officers were injured in Grigny, another suburb in south Paris, after they were targeted by riotous hooligans who shot fireworks and hurled objects at them.

It was also reported that several home improvement shops in the area saw an uncommonly high number of sales of hydrochloric acid.

Last Halloween, police in Essonne were attacked with acid after chasing a group of youths who had tried to rob a local shop.

While commenting on the incident, a spokesperson for the police union Alliance said, “All these events demonstrate that the Essonne department is a difficult department where violence is still present. The attack on the Ulis police station is emblematic.”

Essonne, well-known for being home to a large migrant population, was the site for one of French President Emmanuel Macron’s pro-migration speech earlier in the year.

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