DemonRat Candidates: Meh (Again)


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Meh, once again.

Have a good look folks — it’s roughly six months, more or less, before the “primary season” really begins in earnest, but of course before you run you must campaign, and that’s started.

Biden remains in front but until he breaks materially under 30% he’s still in the game.  My bet is that he loses: He’s not crazy enough.

The interesting one is Sanders; he is crazy enough, but like Biden has a lot of baggage.  He’s also an old bastard (along with Biden) and that doesn’t appeal to the primary voters very much.  Four years ago he would have beaten Trump; he’s only gotten more-strident and insane since, but I doubt he can win the primaries, say much less the left seat in the general.

Then there’s the whole bunch of “under 1%ers.”  If you can’t poll more than 1% at this point you have no chance, especially if you were previously over the 1% threshold, and many of them were.  Get out.

Buttgieg is likely mortally-wounded by the shooting incident in his town.  Like it or not you can’t win as a Democrat without the black vote.

The obvious two among the remaining field are Harris and Warren.  Harris is, from all ability to determine, ineligible.  I know, I know, people will say “oh no she’s not” based on being born in the US.  Sorry, not so simple.

Both her parents were non-citizens at the time of her birth.  They came to the US in 60/61, according to her.  She was born in 1964.  It takes five years of continuous residence before you can apply to be citizens, then 12-18 months, typically, before you can take the oath.  Therefore at the time of her birth she was nothing more than an anchor baby.

There’s plenty of argument on both sides in this regard but the purpose of the natural-born citizen requirement is clear: Divided loyalty is unacceptable in a President.  Harris has been very cagey about exactly when her parents were naturalized, and with good reason; she doesn’t want to entertain this debate at all as it’s likely fatal to her campaign in the general election and she knows it.  Never mind her incessant lying in matters related to this; she went after Biden in the last debate claiming she was a victim of busing he ordered.  That was a bald-faced lie; virtually her entire formative year period was spent in Canada with her mother after her parents divorced when she was 7.  She was never bused — by order of Biden or anyone else.

Not that this is the only example.  Remember Kavanaugh?  Here’s a woman who, from her history, swore to seek the truth as a Prosecutor.  Well now….. accusing someone of serious life-sentence felonies — multiple occasions of forcible rape, I remind you — was part and parcel of her attack on Kavanaugh.  She has never apologized nor (obviously) resigned for that outrageous, unwarranted series of attacks nor has she called for the proved liars she solicited and supported to be prosecuted for perjury, despite it being quite clear that happened and in fact multiple criminal referrals came out of that sordid mess — a mess she not only applauded but actively encouraged and participated in.

Of course we all remember Obama, right?  You think Harris wouldn’t seal her records on the first day?  And why, may I ask, does America permit this sort of crap?  Is not whether Obama truthfully registered for the Selective Service material?  It sure as hell is.  Is not whether he was using another person’s Social Security number material?  It sure is; that’s federal fraud.  So is whether he attended college on a foreign student scholarship, never mind whether he intentionally renounced his American citizenship while traveling as a young adult when renewing a foreign passport in a nation that did not recognize dual allegiance.  Speaking of which, isn’t preventing dual allegiance by a President the entire point of that clause in the Constitution?

It’s not like Congress hasn’t seated people who are ineligible before, or that parties haven’t run facially ineligible candidates.  They have, including House members who weren’t old enough at the time of the election but had a birthday before the new House gaveled in.  Further, you almost-certainly can’t sue over this; the courts have repeatedly dismissed such suits for lack of standing.  It therefore falls on the electorate to make clear that ineligible persons shall be deemed a violation of the Constitutional Contract and the people will not abide same, or any federal office, law or otherwise, if it happens.  Yeah, that means secession and, if not allowed, well, we know what comes next.  You ready to stand up and make that statement?  If not then the American experiment, as envisioned by the Founders, is over so on July 4th go stick your flagpole up your ass where it belongs.

Warren, for her part, is a proved liar as well.  She got caught last time around with her nonsense about being “native American” when she was no such thing.  Yet she’s benefited mightily from that claimed “status”, taking from others who really are native American in the process.

Which brings me to the salient point here: Is it a qualification for office that you be a massive, public, open and notorious fraud, thereby demonstrating you’re willing to suborn, provoke, excuse and maybe even commit felonies in order to hold high office — so long as you bestow the benefits of said outrageous and even felonious behavior on the right people?

Really?  This is what our nation has become?

It appears so, given the so-called “front-runners.”

Who else do we have?  Booker and O’Rourke?  Oh please.  At 3% or less neither of them is doing anything other than producing GloBull Warming in the room.

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