Cartoonist’s White House Invitation Revoked After Cartoon Featuring Rothschild & Soros


from 21st Century Wire:

A Cartoonist – Ben Garrison had his invitation to the White House recalled after one of his cartoons [pictured above] was “labeled anti-Semitic,” Politico reported.

On July 5th, Garrison posted the invitation to the Social Media Summit on Twitter, thanking Donald Trump.

The cartoon in question that led to him being disinvited to the White House is this one, which features George Soros pulling the strings of two high-ranking military officials, and in the shadow a hand with the nametag “Rothschilds” can be seen pulling Soros’ strings.

On his website, Ben Garrison said that it wasn’t anti-Semitic to critique Soros or the Rothschilds and that it had been done before.

He even shared a message from Rabbi Joseph Kolakowski, the Grand Rabbi of Koblentz, in which the Rabbi expressed support for Garrison and said that the flak he was getting was unjustified.

“I just wanted to congratulate you on your invitation to the White House. As a proud American and a practitioner of Judaism who tries to take my faith seriously, I want to encourage you to keep up the good fight and not worry when heretics call your art “anti-Semitic”. Judaism is a religion, not a race and evil heretics like Soros and the secularist Rothschild bankers have nothing to do with my community of faith. The Left is trying to separate us, but what unites us as Americans is our freedom and liberty, and I fully support your First Amendment Rights, and I happen to agree with a lot of what you have to say.

Please send warmest regards to our great President!”

Previously, Garrison made a cartoon showing “The Big Club,” famously cited by comedian George Carlin, who said that “It’s a Big Club. And YOU ain’t in it! You and I are not in the big club….”

Regardless, going against the narrative in recent months has shown detrimental to numerous specifically right-wing speakers, influencers, artists and personalities.

It is either being anti-Semitic or practicing “hate speech” against the LGBT community and saying that one was censored meant the censored individual was “playing the victim card.”

Some people on Twitter immediately accused Ben Garrison of practicing anti-Semitism and following the footsteps of anti-Semites and Neo-Nazis who earlier defaced his work.

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