Betsy Ross flag debate has dems doubling back after Obama Era photos surface


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

For some, history is a lesson; for others, it is a trampoline, in that their stomping upon it gives them a brief, uplifting thrill.

Today’s society is turning ever more narcissistic.  Individuality, a shining and singular core at the center of all humanity, can be a beautiful thing.  Diversity, in and of itself is magnificent, but only when it is used to overcome the drawn lines of culture rather than to deepen them.

Thanks to social media, everyone has a voice in the 21st century, but we are all competing for the same space.  For some, the path to attention is carved from intelligent debate and a metered approach to society.  For others, it is pure volume and amplification that gets the trick done.

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This latter group, in their quest to look ever more “woke”, have taken to the “trampoline approach” toward history that was mentioned earlier.  They want to be the first to say “this offends me!”, in hopes that their revisionist wiles will help them go viral.

The Betsy Ross flag is a near perfect example of this social justice run amok, thanks to former NFL second-stringer Colin Kaepernick declaring the symbol “racist” on account of its creation during an era of slavery.

So I guess the Pyramids of Giza are racist now too?

His remarks reverberated with the “woke” social justice warriors online, causing democratic candidates to espouse mirrored beliefs in an attempt to keep those votes in hand.

But then this happened:

That’s right. At a time when Americans were celebrating how far they’ve come since the evils of slavery were driven from this land by Abraham Lincoln, the “racist” Betsy Ross flag was flying. Proudly.

Do we need to admonish former President Obama for this? Will 2020 democratic candidates now turn on the former Commander in Chief?

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