Algerian Soccer Fans: “France Used to Colonize Us, But Today We Colonize Them”


by Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News:

Another clip shows two French women being harassed & robbed.

Algerian soccer fans had a message for the French after their Africa Cup of Nations; “France used to colonize us, but today we colonize them”.

The comments were made by one fan after his team’s win over Senegal in the final of the competition. They were met with cheers by his fellow supporters.

Algerian fans once again caused chaos in the streets of major French cities after their team’s victory.

Another clip shows soccer fans surrounding and rocking a car containing two French women.

The fans reportedly stole the women’s bags and money, with once justifying the act of criminality by asserting, “they are women, their place is at home”.

Another image shows an ATM defaced with the words, “Death to France dirty race of pigs”.

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