Will the Current War Shocks Become Another Cuban Missile Crisis? We Can Prevent It


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

A senior Russian official, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, has raised the specter of the war shocks of 2019, with the possible deployment of U.S. missiles near Russian borders, turning into a repeat of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. No one who lived through that terrifying event imagined that it would, or even could ever happen again.

But Ryabkov is right. A dual-power split between President John F. Kennedy and the Dulles-McNamara-led military industrial complex, led to a U.S.-Russian showdown, then, in which many millions thought the end of human civilization was upon them. A dual-power split exists now, in which British media and U.S. war-party officials announce acts of war against Russia and/or nations allied with it, which are then stopped by President Donald Trump, who wants good great-power relations and an end to permanent war in Southwest Asia.

How many times will the President stop them? After the public New York Times claim of a cyber-bomb inside Russia’s electricity infrastructure, and John Bolton’s claim of a coming missile strike on Iran, not only the Russian leadership is asking this. Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, one of the world’s most experienced and respected leaders, exclaimed “This can lead to nuclear world war!” China’s Global Times called it “only a matter of time before new war breaks out in the region,” in its editorial today.

We are on the verge of an absolutely critical G20 meeting in Japan this weekend, at which Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping are scheduled for an “extended meeting” looking for collaboration in economic exchange and progress in infrastructure projects; the “RIC” leaders—Russia’s Putin, India’s Modi, and China’s Xi—are meeting, potentially about a new economic and credit system; and Presidents Putin and Trump must meet for a strategic peace negotiation. Before and after every potential Trump-Putin meeting, the British intelligence-run “Russiagate” scandal in the United States has intervened to paralyze any cooperation; now, the British Empire “permanent war party” is acting to blow these summit meetings up in advance.

The foremost international enemy of this British Empire-led war party, throughout his adult life, was Lyndon LaRouche, and his 1980s prosecutions and media demonization was demanded of U.S. authorities in writing by the British government as early as 1982. Six weeks after LaRouche died in February of this year, The Times of London was still publishing attacks on him! That war party tried for three years to force Trump out; failing in that, it drives to force him to war.

Trump has one explosive weapon against this: Reopening LaRouche’s case, and LaRouche’s own posthumous exoneration. There is an all-out mobilization for this underway by the Schiller Institute and LaRouche Political Action Committee, rapidly circulating worldwide the videos “The LaRouche Case: Robert Mueller’s First Hit Job,” and the memorial “Triumph of Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.,” along with a petition for his exoneration.

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