Trump Asserts His Presidency Against British Assets


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

The astonishing public declaration by the New York Times last week, in league with National Security Advisor John Bolton, that the U.S. military Cyber Command was carrying out cyber warfare against the Russian state, behind President Donald Trump’s back, has exposed the attempt by British assets within the United States to create a virtual dual-power situation, aimed at subverting any effort by the President to establish friendly and working relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This comes just days before the planned meeting between Putin and Trump at the G20 meeting in Japan on June 28-29.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in discussion with the U.S. membership of the LaRouche movement yesterday, compared this to the effort by the war party to hide the truth from President Kennedy concerning the full scope of the planned invasion of Cuba through the Bay of Pigs — an act that could easily have provoked World War III if Kennedy had not intervened to prevent an air assault. She added that this is another aspect of the British effort, through NATO, to provoke a confrontation with Russia along the Russian border in Europe.

War is in the air, with the Iran confrontation another clear case of fake news aimed at justifying a war, as with the WMD fraud by Tony Blair which launched the Iraq War and the subsequent chaos across the Middle East.

The G20 Summit, can, and must, be a turning point to reverse this descent into global war. If Trump is to break from the war party surrounding him within his administration and in the Congress, he will take the one-on-one meetings with Putin and with Xi Jinping in Osaka as the opportunity to assert true leadership, with the view of the future of mankind on the table.

It is precisely this which was the subject of the historic Memorial for Lyndon LaRouche on June 8 in Manhattan. What is at stake in the crisis today is not just a conflict between competing nations, but a conflict between two paradigms confronting mankind as a whole — that of Empire under the power of the financial oligarchy, which has reduced the societies of the U.S. and Europe to a living Hell, with mass drug addiction, collapsing infrastructure, “entertainment” which is nothing but violence, bestial music, and sexual perversion, and the intentional feeding of racial hatred, as has now emerged in the fanatical anti-China hysteria.

Only a shock effect, as would be unleashed by an act by President Trump to declare the exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche, can create the conditions for the necessary phase-change in human history. The video to be released by LaRouchePAC on Friday of this week, titled “The LaRouche Case: Robert Mueller’s First Hit Job,” will convey to all Americans and citizens of the world, that the combination of forces arrayed against President Trump today are precisely the same forces which ran the demonization and incarceration of Lyndon LaRouche thirty years ago, with Robert Mueller in charge both then and now.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche has compared the current turning point in history to that of the 15th Century, when the rediscovery of the writings of Plato, combined with the insights and discoveries of Nicholas of Cusa, gave rise to the European Renaissance and the 17th Century creation of the concept of the sovereign nation state at the Peace of Westphalia, based on the principle of respect for the interests of the other sovereign nation states. This came only after 150 years of religious warfare had laid waste to Europe, just as the 20th Century of War and the “regime-change” wars of this new century have threatened mankind as a whole. We are very close to global war, and yet, if people take seriously their role as creative human beings, not mere sensual animals, we are equally close to a new paradigm for all peoples, based on the development of all of humanity, as demonstrated by the transformation of China over these past thirty years, virtually eliminating poverty as a relic of the past, and carrying that idea to the former colonial nations across the globe.

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