The 80% Issue NOBODY Will Take On


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Cough-I Told You So-cough-cough-cough!

Voters continue to criticize the quality of health care in America and rate cost reduction as a key reform. Health care is also shaping up as a critical voting issue again next year.

Eighty-five percent (85%) of Likely U.S. Voters say health care is important to their vote in the 2020 presidential election, with 45% who say it’s Very Important, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey. This compares to 87% and 55% respectively last October just before the midterm national elections.

Just 14% rate health care as not very or Not At All Important to their vote next year. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Years ago when I was active in the Libertarian Party, and in times since, I have argued that any politician that takes a serious whack at this issue — not at the fringes (e.g. drug prices) but at the core of the issue has an 80% winner.

They also have a 20% rabid loser ratio too, because about one person in five works in that “industry” and of them 90% never provide a single second of care to a single person and thus don’t actually have to be in that industry at all for health care to be provided to real people.

But 80% voting for you on a rabid basis .vs. 20% voting against you is a position that anyone who really wants to get elected would love.  It’s not only a guaranteed win it’s a huge mandate once you do at the same time.

That nobody from either party will take on the medical monopolies tells me several things:

  • We’re wasting our time being politically involved until someone will do so.  That’s math.  The federal and state budgets will collapse if this is not addressed — now.  We have until roughly 2024, as I’ve pointed out repeatedly — but not really any longer.  That means this election cycle is the last one where we can clearly do something non-violent and political to fix it.  If we don’t then enjoy the next few years because beyond that you’re going to want to shoot someone — either someone else or yourself.  No, I’m not kidding.
  • ALL of the political parties, including the 3rd parties such as the Libertarians, have exactly zero interest in actually preventing the collapse of the Federal and State budgets.  Zip, zero and nada.  Not Trump, not anyone on the Democrat side and none of the third parties either.  If you are not fiscally concerned with certain destruction as a politician, which will happen if we don’t take this on, then you’re not really interested in “serving the people” at all.  You’re a liar and a fraud; the only reason you’re in office is to **** other people up the ass in order to personally profit from it.  You deserve to be consumed by Hellfire after your carcass is desecrated, however you meet your end.  You don’t even qualify for a decent burial, in short so there’s literally no reason for anyone to associate with you in the here and now except to try to get “their piece of ass” out of the American public — without exception.

All those who claim that this is “not a big deal” among the electorate and thus the risks exceed the rewards are lying.  I’ve said that for roughly ten years now and I maintain it.  The polls continue to demonstrate it.  In other words you can get 80% of the electorate to vote for you with this issue.

There are no other issues that are 80% winners among the electorate.

End of discussion, full stop.

If you’re a third party member at the national or state level this is an especially egregious situation because no “third party” of consequence since the Civil War has done anything of note, ever, in American politics.  None, with the exception of Ross Perot, has ever managed to get a double-digit percentage for President in the popular vote (he got 18.9%.)

There have been seven elected House members from other than Democrat or Republican parties since 1949, and of those zero, save FDR Jr, have identified with a third party (he identified as a “Liberal”.)  There were a handful in early 1900s, some affiliated with various minor labor parties (several from Minnesota) and “Progressives”.

If you’re a third party member or officer and will not take this up your entire party is an open, public fraud.  It does not exist to actually elect representatives to State Houses, Congress, nor to run a real candidate for President.  Your party exists for other purposes, such as selling books, garnering speaking fees, feathering the nests of your friends as “campaign consultants” and similar or stroking your personal ego.

When you willfully and intentionally ignore an issue that can get you 80% of the vote in any given district this is a clear fact and anyone who denies it is a ******ned liar as well.

I even have a platform to resolve the problem and get you that 80% of the vote — and I don’t even care if I get credit for it, although it would be nice if politicians didn’t rip things off wholesale.  I don’t want to be President of the United States.  I don’t even want an ambassadorship or similar out of the deal.

But I am damned tired of people, including those who claim to want to run for this or that telling me that this isn’t where the focus should be, or that if you did focus on it you wouldn’t get anywhere.  Bull****.  In every election up to and beyond the crash of 2008 and in fact back into the 1990s this singular issue and a real answer to the problem was not only a winner it was guaranteed to produce an electoral landslide never before seen in American politics.  I don’t give a wet crap if your office is at the State or Federal level; hell, even a County Sheriff who ran on “all these jackwads screwing you are breaking state anti-trust law and they’re going to go to prison unless they stop it instantly” would win in a landslide.

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