TFMR Podcast – Wednesday, June 26 – A conversation with Ned Naylor-Leyland


by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

In preparation for what is now almost certainly coming over the horizon, yesterday we spoke with Ronni Stoeferle regarding “big picture” issues. Today, we ask our old pal, Ned, to discuss the mining shares and how to profit from them in the months ahead.

For the purpose of this podcast, I asked Ned to focus on three, primary questions:

  1. Why is silver still at such a low price and how does one go about selecting silver miners for a portfolio?
  2. Is Eric Sprott’s idea of high-cost producers leading the way in the early stages of a bull market something with which he agrees?
  3. If he was assured of a $1650 gold price in a year, how would he construct a portfolio today?

Click HERE to listen.

Again, Ned is a recognized expert in this field as he is the portfolio manager of the Merian Global Investors Gold and Silver Fund. Find out more here:…

Many thanks to Ned for his time today and his tireless efforts to educate the masses and extol the virtues of sound money.

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