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SD Outlook: If you’re not sure why silver is still under fifteen bucks as we firmly enter the second half of 2019, then…

Last week I unplugged.

I disconnected.



From last Monday through now, I haven’t seen one external piece of information other than mere interference.

That is to say, I blocked-out all of the information that I could, and that which I could not block-out, I paid no mind.

Why did I unplug?


Doesn’t matter.

What matters is how I feel today after having zero new outside influence on my thinking.

And how do I feel?

I feel a lot less stress.

How so?

Well, I wouldn’t call it a “re-birth” or a “re-fresh”, and I certainly would not call it a “cleansing”, ’cause everybody knows ‘Ol Half Dollar ain’t no dang hippie, be it old-school, new-school, new-age or otherwise, but I’m cool with calling it a “re-boot” of my system.

A “restart”, if you will.

You see, the longer you wait to re-boot a computer, the more likely it is to face un-foreseen problems, problems which may or may not even permit a successful re-boot in the first place.

The more important question is what did I learn?

I learned that if a person if has Freedom, meaning not chained to a wall, locked in a cage, or something like that, and if a person has Liberty, meaning able to conduct one’s business and affairs as one pleases, that person has zero control over anything that goes on in the world, no matter how insignificant or how mostimportant that person is.

Not surprisingly, if a person has neither Freedom or Liberty, then there is even less control over what happens in this world.

And while I’m no mathematician, I’m not so sure if there’s such a thing as “negative control” like there are “negative interest rates”?

But I digress.

Personally, my plan for this week is to assess what I feel and what I learned after having plugged-in, re-connected and tuned-in to the world again.

What am I expecting?

I’m not sure, you know, because of that pesky little “we have zero control” thing.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, everybody knows you’re no Henry David Throw-Up, so you didn’t just go fishing all week on some secluded mountain-top lake that’s deep in the forest, with nothing more than your thoughts, the dragonflies and the fish in the lake who are laughing at your non-fishing skills, all the while thinking up your next wanna-be deep philosophical literary masterpiece that would actually get people to read what you write, nope, that’s not it at all, for what really happened is that you got involuntarily committed again, and when your walls are padded and the sedation is heavy, they don’t let you have access to TV, radio, internet, and stuff, and your cooperation and good behavior got you discharged after only a week this time!”.

Good one.

Too funny.

But wrong.

This week, I’m just going with the flow.

Looking forward to it.

I’m looking forward to seeing if the rockstars are going with the flow as well:


Which is the very definition of “irony” when you think about it, because one thing I learned last week is that we have zero control over what happens in the world, yet the Fed thinks they have total control, 24/7, over the economy & “markets” in general, and interest rates specifically.

When they are forced to re-boot their computers, they will find out that they have caused so many problems, that the computers will not restart and their motherboards will essentially become “bricked”, which means “useless”.

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