Patrick Howley Exposes NXIVM Child Trafficking on ‘YourVoice America’


by Patrick Howley , Big League Politics:

I appeared Monday night on Steel Truth with Ann Vandersteel on Your Voice America to discuss my coverage of the NXIVM sex cult case, in the aftermath of cult leader Keith Raniere’s conviction for sex trafficking children from Mexico. People close to the case await likely additional charges against Clare Bronfman for visa fraud — after she provided fake ID’s to Mexican child sex slaves — and election fraud, after she illegally bundled money for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Right Wing Watch helpfully transcribed some of this interview, at the end of which Ann Vandersteel said that I am risking my life by exposing Satanic child trafficking.

I reported: 

Keith Raniere has been found guilty on all counts against him including sex trafficking from Mexico. The jury at Brooklyn Federal Court reached its verdict after brief deliberations Wednesday.

Raniere violated young illegal immigrant girls from Mexico and imprisoned them on threat of deportation by the cult. Human experiments and Satanism-inspired rituals took place at the cult, according to the mountains of evidence exposed by this historic trial of the new century.

“The defendant tapped into a never-ending flow of women and money,” the prosecution said of Raniere Monday, calling him a “crime boss with no limits and no checks on his power.”

Evidence shows how the NXIVM sex cult illegally raised money for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, how it counted Clinton friend Richard Mays and Kirsten Gillibrand’s stepmother as active members and Gillibrand’s father as an employee, and how the cult’s “ally” Chuck Schumer was compromised by virtue of the cult possessing his financial records.

Raniere Made Child Porn Featuring Mexican Child Sex Slave

FBI special agent Meagan Rees presented more than twelve images of child pornography allegedly produced by NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere in Raniere’s trial Thursday at Brooklyn federal court. Raniere stands accused of sex trafficking during his tenure atop the elite upstate New York sex cult, where he was branding female sex slaves.

NXIVM Imported Illegal Immigrants and Gave Them Fake ID’s To Break Immigration Law

A former NXIVM sex cult slave named “Daniela” testified in the trial of Raniere, noting that she joined the cult at age 16 in 2002.

The alleged visa and immigration fraud involved in Daniela’s years with the cult underscores the extent to which NXIVM had deep connections to powerful people in Mexico, including Emiliano Salinas, the son of a former Mexican president.

Robert Gavin of the Albany Times-Union reported:

The witness then described how she was given a fake ID by the sex cult and had a traumatizing experience with Raniere, alongside her sister, noting, “I stayed there crying. That was Christmas,” according to Gavin. The witness also knew that Raniere was involved in a sexual relationship with her sister, who was under the age of 18.

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