Oh They’re Just ‘Migrants’ Eh?


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Uh, not really.

DHS/ICE now has disclosed the truth: An utterly huge percentage of the so-called “migrants” are in fact criminals.

Not just criminals “somewhere else” where they might have been persecuted in some form or fashion either — criminals who were judged guilty here in the US, which of course implies they were previously deported!

In other words these “caravans” are full of people with United States criminal histories.

These are not “migrants” folks.  Between one in ten and one in five, approximately, has a prior US criminal history.

That’s 10-20%, which is much higher than the percentage of US Citizens with a criminal history.

Those people are not entitled to due process under US Law when they show up and claim “asylum.”  They’ve already been adjudicated and criminal records typically are a near-absolute bar to further entry into the United States, as is the case for virtually every other nation.

Go try to get into Canada if you have as much as a DUI on your record and you’re likely to be turned away at the border.  You don’t get “due process”; you already had that.  You are told to get out and get lost — period.

Further, there are close to 2 million people currently in the US who have final orders of removal against them.  They’ve been notified of their hearing dates and typically didn’t show up.  Then they were notified they lost and didn’t show up to voluntarily leave either.  These people are criminals and amount to some 10% or more of all the illegal invaders in the United States.  They are not entitled to “due process” because they already got that and lost their cases!  We are talking about fugitives from justice here folks, not “poor asylum seekers” and any politician or government official (cough-Kevin McAleenan-cough-cough) who intentionally disrupts or impedes the immediate seizure and removal of such persons from this nation are in fact aiding and abetting criminal behavior and must be indicted and imprisoned now.  And by the way, this includes President Trump if he does not immediately order ICE to arrest and remove all of these individuals, and it alsoincludes any state or local “official” who tries to interfere, harbor or hide these people.  Harboring a fugitive from justice is a crime and, if the person in question is absconding as a result of, or has a prior felony, it’s a felony to conceal them.

Can we stop with the BS?

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