Major City Blocking 5G Cell Towers Over Concerns They Can Cause Cancer


by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

While smaller cities have effectively blocked 5G technology, San Francisco has thrown its hat into the ring citing health concerns from radiation.

As 5G technology begins to roll out across the country, it is being met by a massive wave of resistance over concerns that it can cause health problems. As we reported last year—reacting to an overwhelming outpouring of concern—the city of Mill Valley, Cali. took an extreme step and blocked the technology from being implemented. Now that sentiment has spread to San Francisco and other major cities.

Las September, the city of Mill Valley, Cali. voted unanimously to effectively halt the installation of new small cell towers which carry the 5G technology.

The city enacted an “urgency ordinance” after it received over a hundred letters from concerned citizens expressing their worries over the new 5G towers.

As Tech Crunch reports:

Through an urgency ordinance, which allows the city council to immediately enact regulations that affect the health and safety of the community, the restrictions and prohibitions will be put into force immediately for all future applications to site 5G telecommunications equipment in the city. Applications for commercial districts are permitted under the passed ordinance.

The ordinance was driven by community concerns over the health effects of 5G wireless antennas. According to the city, it received 145 pieces of correspondence from citizens voicing opposition to the technology, compared to just five letters in support of it — a ratio of 29 to 1. While that may not sound like much, the city’s population is roughly 14,000, indicating that about 1% of the population had voiced an opinion on the matter.

Mill Valley residents cited multiple studies which claim that experts have found evidence that cell phone radiation can cause cancer.

Now, the city of San Francisco has joined in the resistance against 5G and, according to reports, they are blocking it permit by permit.

While many of the residents are opposed for aesthetic reasons, others are citing the potential for health concerns over the radiation.

So far, the California Supreme Court has thrown a wrench in the plans for implementing 5G with an April ruling that said San Francisco can reject 5G wireless equipment that doesn’t meet local aesthetic standards.

According to FOX News,

In the Upper Cole Valley complaint, residents were concerned that while they are told exposure is not dangerous, telecom workers are warned to avoid exposure.

“Our current RF exposure limits incorporate recommendations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and other federal health and safety agencies,” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wrote in an April 30 letter to Rep. Peter DeFazio (D) of Oregon.

These town now join several other towns who’ve blocked the installation of 5G over health concerns. Before Mill Valley blocked 5G, other municipalities in California, such as Marin County and San Anselmo, passed similar ordinances.

Similar movements to block 5G have taken place across the country as well.

“The cell towers are called small cell towers, but they are not so small when they are in your front yard,” said Donna Baron, a resident of Montgomery County, Maryland who is actively protesting the installation of 5G in her town.

“This will cause cancer,” she said.

Concerns over cell phone radiation are nothing new. It is a fact that cell phones emit radiation. It is also a fact that this radiation can be absorbed by the human body from prolonged exposure.

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