Mailchimp Shuts Down GreenMedInfo’s Newsletter for “Anti-Vaccine” Content


by Sayer Ji, Green Med Info:

Dear GreenMedInfo Supporters, 

With the recent censorship and de-platforming efforts via social media outlets like Pinterest, and Facebook, the last thing we expected was that our presumably apolitical and neutral email service provider would so suddenly and blatantly violate our freedom of speech by shutting our account down. After all, you also have the right to enjoy a free newsletter you and 300,000 others around the world voluntarily and enthusiastically subscribed to. Feel free to contact Mailchimp directlyleave a review on Facebook or call them at (678) 999-0141 to let them know how you feel about this. Also, please share this information with those concerned about the growing censorship problem.

We are now working on securing an entirely censorship-free platform, but need your support in this transition. Please consider becoming a member or making a donation.

I would like to thank you in advance for your kindness and support!

Sayer Ji
Founder & Director

Mailchimp, one of the world’s most widely used email marketing services, and CDC Foundation partner, has shut down the account of for “anti-vaccine content,” establishing itself as a publisher and censor, and not a politically neutral service provider.

On the morning of June 19th, without warning nor specifying a reason, Mailchimp sent us an email informing us our account had been disabled.

When we inquired as to the reason why, they responded as follows:

GreenMedInfo has used Mailchimp as an email service provider for over 10 years, with an account in good standing and excellent compliance relative to the industry statistics. They’ve charged us, on average, $3,000 a month to send out our free newsletter to a global subscriber base of over 300,000, all who voluntarily opted into our list to receive our content. Since 2007, we’ve used their service for sending out hundreds of millions of free newsletter emails to over 200 countries around the world. We have never sent content to individuals without their consent, nor without them first asking us to do so.

Only a few days ago, Jefferey Jaxen, writing for Del Bigtree’s platform, The High Wire, wrote an article titled, Is the CDC Foundation Directing Mailchimp’s Vaccine Censorship?

In the article Jaxen addresses the fact that Mailchimp’s status as a CDC Foundation partner has turned their platform into an instrument of censorship against those who question vaccine safety, or simply provide access to peer-reviewed scientific studies, as we do, which indicate unintended, adverse effects of the CDC’s one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule.

It should be noted that Mailchimp’s terms of use do not include language prohibiting so-called “anti-vaccine content.” As of June 19th, those terms have not been updated to reflect what they communicated to be their present-day terms of use via our email exchange above. The only official statement provided by Mailchimp on this issue was posted to their website on June 7th:

As of right now, we are not able to send emails. We are in the process of securing a censorship free alternative to Mailchimp. We expect to have our newsletter back up and running by Friday.

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